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Moving Time!

Don’t get excited all you northern friends and family.  We’re not moving anywhere; we’re not leaving Atlanta any time soon.  So who is moving you ask?  The blog is!  The blog is moving!

You can now find us at Typical Suburban Family.

I promise this is the last move.  I know you just updated all of your subscriptions and RSS feeds 7 months or so ago when I moved from blogger to WordPress, but I’m now on the self hosted version of WordPress and loving it!  I have so much more flexibility with plug-ins and add-ons.  Plus I can customize it way more than I could before and love it!  I even have some great giveaways lined up over the next month or so.

I started with a basic template, but then added and changed and tweaked everything about it and came up with my new blog.  It’s taken me all week to get this up and running, but so far I love it.  Leave me a comment on my new blog and let me know what you think.  I hope you’ll follow me there… I gave several different ways to do so and they are all in the right side bar.  You can subscribe via RSS feed, email or Google friend connect.

So yes, today I am featuring myself on my new blog. Mainly because I’m so proud of myself for designing it and customizing it all on my own with little to no experience doing so.  I only had to drag my hubby into it to troubleshoot the coding if/when I did it incorrectly.  Thank you honey!!

So now go check it out please!


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My blog has definitely progressed over the last year and a half.  I started at blogger and a year later I moved over to WordPress.com.  Now I want to switch to my own self hosted WordPress URL.  I purchased my URL a few weeks ago, I know who my hosting site will be and I have been thinking about the new look and new design of my new blog.

And that’s where I’m stuck.

I have no idea how to write the code for the template of this.  I have my colors in mind.  I have created a new custom header, signature and a few buttons.  But now what?

How do I write this out so that it makes sense?  And works?

Anyone have any tips?  Techniques?  Websites that I should be referring to? Has anyone done their own with zero experience?  Am I getting in over my head?

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I know, I know.  I missed Feature Friday last week.  I have a million excuses why, but I won’t bore you with those details.  Today, I am back in action and ready to share a favorite site with you.

I was introduced to this blog through one of the blogfrog communities I follow.  I bookmarked it and started to check it often.  I love it.  It’s clean; it’s easy to read; and the story that Kelle shares about her two daughters is amazing.  I love her writing style.

And the photos that she shares?  Well, simply amazing is all that I can say.  Simply amazing.

So today, enjoy one of my new favorite blogs Enjoying the Small Things.  And tell Kelle you said hello.  Although she really has no idea who I am; I’ve been a silent follower of her site until right now.  LOL!

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Since time out doesn’t seem to be working for Ryan and Owen right now, can mommy take one instead? I will gladly go sit in the other room with the door closed.  Alone.  Quiet.  Away from the temper tantrums.  Quiet.

We’ve had a tough stage with Ryan and the temper tantrums have resurfaced from his early terrible two stage.  But this time it’s far worse than it was back then.

When he was going through these tantrums at the age of 20 months it was clear he was frustrated and he didn’t know how to and couldn’t communicate what the frustrations were and what was causing them.  But with the tantrums now he clearly knows what the frustration is and can verbalize it, but instead he flat out refuses to listen and he will scream and cry and yell and hit and become so upset that you can’t calm him down.

What should we do?  How do we stop this?  How do we deal with the tantrums?

What we have been doing is definitely not working.  If we put him in time out he will just scream.  And I mean scream.  It’s not crying, but screaming at the top of his lungs.  If we take something away (like a favorite toy) he doesn’t seem to care.  You can not talk to him and reason with him until he’s calmed down.  And when you do talk with him he knows exactly what he did and why he was being naughty.  And his response “I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.”

Clearly, he did mean to though.  Otherwise he wouldn’t have done it.  He knew what his actions were and why they were naughty.

Mommy:  “Ryan, why are you in timeout?  Why was mommy so upset with you?”
Ryan:  “Because I didn’t listen.  Because mommy said to put my jammies on and I didn’t listen.”
Mommy:  “That right Ryan.  And why else is mommy so, so sad right now?”
Ryan:  “Because I hit mommy.  I didn’t put my jammies on and I hit mommy.”
Mommy:  “And why did you do that Ryan?  Hitting is not nice and it is not acceptable right.”
Ryan:  “I sorry momma.  I didn’t mean to.  I love you sooooo much.”
Mommy:  “I love you too buddy.  But we cannot hit.  If you are frustrated and upset you need to tell me and not hit ok?”
Ryan:  “O-tay momma.”

He gets it.  He definitely gets it.  But that is what is so frustrating.  He does get it, but he still does it.  I know he’s only 3 and a half years old.  And I know that temper tantrums happen.  But HELP!  It’s wearing mommy and daddy down right now.  We’re both stressed with work.  We’re up late at night to get everything done that needs to get done.  We’re tired.  We’re crabby.  And our patience is worn thin.

I know that part of Ryan (and Owen) reacting the way they have been with tantrums and such is a direct reflection of our stress and lack of patience.  I am aware of that.  And I am trying to recognize it and not let it show, but it’s hard.  And it’s especially hard when you have a toddler throwing a full out temper tantrum because he didn’t want to put on his pajamas.  Little tasks like that should never result in what seemed like the entire family crying last night (yes, mommy and daddy included!).

My cousin is going through the same with her 2 year old right now at It Keeps Getting Better.  And between the two of us, we need your advice.  HELP!

How do you handle tantrums?  Is there an easy way to avoid them before they start without just giving the child whatever it is that they want and letting them rule your household?  Does anyone out there have any simple advice to offer?

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I love change.  I thrive on change.  Afterall, I was a trip director for many years and traveled the world from one coast to the other every few days/weeks.  Jet lag was unheard of because I was constantly in a different time zone with crazy working hours.  My body clock was non-existent.  I went by what the actual clock said.  If it read 10pm, it was 10pm.  It didn’t matter that the day prior I was 3 time zones earlier and yesterday at this exact time it was only 7pm.  Today it was 10pm.

I worked with a different client every few days.  No two programs were alike.  No two programs had the same staff.  No two programs were at the same hotel or even in the same city.  It was always new, different and exciting.  Don’t get me wrong though.  Not all programs were fun; they were just all different.

I have lived in many different houses over the years and have had many different roommates.  I have even lived in several different states.   I love change.

And then I met Jim and things changed.  He bought a townhouse and we moved in together.  We got a dog.  I got a full time 8-5 meeting planner job and had an office.  I commuted every day and traveled much less.  We got married, moved from Denver to Atlanta, started new jobs, bought a house and had two boys. Some would say that those events in life (marriage; moving and a new job) are three of the top stresses in one’s life.  Well we did those three things all in a 2 week time period.  Yes.  You heard me correctly.  We got married and 1 week later we moved from Denver to Atlanta and 3 days later started a new job.  What were we thinking?!  But don’t worry, the house and two boys came over the next several years so at least we didn’t try to take it all on at once.

I don’t travel at all for work anymore and I don’t miss it.  Well, maybe once a year I remember the road days and smile, but I certainly wouldn’t go back to that lifestyle now. You couldn’t pay me enough to leave my boys on a regular basis (all three of them!). I love my house and my routines and the consistency of it all.

Even with the routines and lack of travel there is still change in our daily lives.  It’s just that change is different now.  I still like change, but I don’t thrive on it like I used to.  I was actually upset the other day when I went to Target for my I-alway- buy-the-exact-same-type of Colgate toothpaste only to discover they were out.  How do you run out of a specific toothpaste?!  I seriously considered going to another store because I just wasn’t sure about changing it up.  But I didn’t.  I found the closest thing to what I normally buy and got this one instead.  AND I LOVE IT!  I think I have a new toothpaste!!

That’s the funny thing about change. Even the little things can make a difference and put a smile on my face…..

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