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I can’t believe it’s already been a week and I haven’t updated everyone on Owen’s last eye appointment.  The morning started like any other.  We were casually getting dressed and motivated for the day (I work from home on Friday so without a 45-60 minute commute we have some extra time) when out of nowhere I remembered that Owen had an eye appointment.  At 8:05am!!  Dang.  On the other side of Atlanta!!  Dang again.  And it was thunderstorming!!  Dang yet again!

Since you know all about how people drive in Atlanta (here), you know I was freaking out.  I grabbed Owen, an Oatmeal to Go, and off we went in the pouring rain.  Luckily daddy hadn’t left for work yet because he had to bring Ryan to Woodchase Academy to save us a few extra minutes.

We got there only about 10 minutes late, but thankfully because of the rain everyone else was late too.  We were seen rather quickly and after some examination they decided to dilate his eyes again just to see if they missed something before in regard to why the surgery didn’t work 100% and why Owen was still having issues.

Everything looked great and Dr. Lipsky said his eyes are very healthy and his vision is great.  They aren’t ready to do another surgery so instead he wants us to try glasses. Dr. Lipsky thinks it may be a focus issue and wants Owen to wear them for 9 weeks or so and we’ll have another follow up appointment.  If the eyes improve we’ll continue with the glasses.  If they do not improve at all we’ll discuss further surgery.  Dang you strabismus!

So far Owen is handling his glasses with no problem.  He keeps them on throughout the day/evening and doesn’t seem to mind them at all.  If they happen to come off he will bring them to you and say “Elp.  Peeze.” (translated means help please) and want you to put them back on.

He looks absolutely adorable in them and seriously looks like he got smarter overnight.  Since he often times has a serious look on his face, when you add the glasses to the equation, he looks like a little genius!  Oh, wait!  He is a little genius!!

Ryan has been begging to wear Owen’s glasses.  Every now and again from the other room I’ll hear the following conversation:

Ryan (while nodding his head up and down):  “O-wee.  You want this?  Yeeeeessssss?  You want this?”
Owen:  “Yes.”
Ryan:  “Yes?  You want this?”
Owen:  “Yes.”
Ryan (handing the toy to Owen):  “Ok.  Here you go.  Now give me your glasses.”
Owen: “NOOOOO!!!!”

Aaaaahhhhh…. brotherly love.  Our little Ryan is quite the persuader.  I think he’s going to be a lawyer.  Or maybe a sales person.  He already has some great tactics and can convince his brother of a lot of things.  But apparently he can’t convince him to hand over the new glasses.

Do any of you have kids with strabismus or know anyone who does?  I’d love to hear some (positive) success stories!  For instance, was surgery successful in your case?  Did you go through multiple surgeries?  How long were glasses worn?  Any advice to share?


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I used to be surprised with some of our conversations between me and Ryan.  But over time, nothing shocks me anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, they still make me smile and laugh to myself, but they don’t floor me like they once did.  For instance….

Mommy:  “Ryan, how are you liking your new big boy room at school?”
Ryan:  “It’s perfectly fine momma.”
Mommy:  “Oh really?!  Perfectly fine?  Where did you learn a word like ‘perfectly’?”
Ryan:  “In my big boy room at school momma.” (add a completely annoyed look like which basically says how could you not know that?)
Mommy:  “Oh.  Alright.  Well, good for you Ryan.”

And later that night after a few more random conversations with Ryan….

Mommy:  “Ryan, when did you grow up on me?”
Ryan:  “I didn’t grow up mommy.  I’m right here.”
Mommy:  “I know you’re right there Ryan, but you act like at least an 8 year old.  Not a 3 year old.”
Ryan:  “Oh.  Well that’s because I’m really tall now.  See?  My jammies don’t reach my feet anymore. I’m SUPER tall.”
Mommy:  “I love you Ryan.”
Ryan:  “I know momma.  I love you too.”

Our little Ryan is definitely a talker.  He wakes up taking and he goes to bed talking.  He doesn’t stop at all (I’m not kidding) throughout the day.  He talks to anyone who will listen.  And if nobody is listening than he just talks out loud to nobody.  He talks to little brother Owen (and bosses him around); he talks to Delta (the dog); and he talks to his toys, the plants, his shoes and well just about anything.  Or nothing.  Whichever.  It doesn’t matter much to him.

He questions every single thing.  He tells you everything he does at the moment he does it.  He is simply amazing.  Our little chatterbox.

Is it a sibling order thing?  Is it a hereditary thing (from his father of course!)?  Or do we just have a chatterbox on our hands?

What is your opinion?

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On Monday I mentioned that Ryan and Owen both moved up a classroom at Woodchase Academy.  With that said there was an end of year party the Friday prior in each of their classrooms.  These parties always prove to be a lot of fun and the kids enjoy it so much when mommy or daddy is able to attend.

In Ryan’s classroom they started with eating their Yoplait Go-Gurt.  Who would have thought it would be so entertaining to watch a bunch of 3 year olds eat Go-Gurt?!  The focus it took for them to not squeeze it too hard, but yet squeeze it just enough that the yogurt would come out.  Getting the yogurt into their mouths was a whole other issue though!

And once the Go-Gurt was eaten along with all the other goodies on their plates, there was more fun to be had…. BALLOONS!  As for blowing up balloons?  Well, that’s a whole different issue!  Go Ms. Brittany!

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What?!  Did that say horrible, rotten, no good, super awesome day!?  By gosh it did!  But how?

It was one bad thing after another from the moment the alarm went off.   We overslept and were running late.  We were slightly crabby because of this which threw everyone of us into a bad mood.  We then got to school and Ryan and Owen were both starting new classrooms today at Woodchase Academy.   Owen’s drop off went just fine.  Well, that is after he threw an all out temper tantrum because I took away his matchbox car and said he couldn’t bring it into school.  After that incident he was fine going into his new classroom.

Ryan on the other hand…..   well, lets just say he wasn’t going in without a fight.  He absolutely clung on to me for dear life.  Every muscle in his body was tense and he was burying his head into my shoulder.  He refused to cooperate and flat out did not want to go into his new classroom.  I convinced him to walk around the room with me to look at all the cool art work that was featured on the walls.  We then went and checked out all the new super neat big kid toys in his new room.  And once we found the big boy Legos (not the Duplos) he was set and was ready to be a big boy.

But now mommy was running late and traffic in Atlanta is horrible.  Remember this post?  After what seemed like forever I finally got to work and started my day dealing with FSA, missing receipts and more nonsense.  I won’t get into all of the details of my not so fun day (I wouldn’t want to bore you all).   Lets just say it was a horrible, rotten day and it was only 10am.

But by mid-morning I was getting more and more confused though.  I was receiving a lot of comments on my blog and some random emails as well.  I decided to log in to my stats to see what was going on.  Much to my surprise I had several hundred more hits than I normally have!  And the numbers were going up as I was watching them!!

What was going on?!?

And then I received a comment saying “Congrats on being featured on the WordPress Freshly Pressed page!”

Ah-ha!  I immediately went to the WordPress homepage and sure enough!  There was my blog.  Featured on the home page!  I was shocked and beyond excited!!

The best of 297,126  bloggers, 315,811 new posts, 413,977 comments, & 73,609,405 words today on WordPress.com.  And I was being featured!  Those are their stats…. and I’m just sayin’.

And if you’re wondering why I was selected you can read more from the WordPress.com’s Editorial Czar here.

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I’ve been so excited to share this video with you since Friday!  It’s the sweetest, most precious thing you have ever watched.  I received this as a Mother’s Day gift from Ryan at the Mother’s Day Tea that his class hosted.  Ryan has the most amazing teachers who put so much thought and care into everything they do with those kids.  They really provide experiences the kids (and parents) will never forget.  Woodchase Academy is lucky to have you both Ms. April and Ms. Brittany.

At the tea, the kids sang a couple of songs for all the mommy’s.  It was so cute and those kids were so proud to be hosting us.  We had peach muffins and juice and it was simply delicious.  The kids helped make the muffins and Ryan was so excited when he realized how much I loved them.  “Momma!  I helped make them!  Me and my friends, all my friends, helped make them!”

They made cute little vases with a flower balloon in them.  And they gave each mommy a DVD with a card.

But the best part came later that night after the boys were in bed and I decided to pop the DVD into my computer to see what it was all about. It’s priceless.  Just see for yourself.  And yes, that is my little jumping jack in the upper right corner.  You know, the one who can’t stand still!!!

The thought, time and work it took to make a separate DVD for each child for their mommy.  Wow!  Again, Ryan simply has the best teachers ever.  Thank you Ms. April and Ms. Brittany.  And happy Mother’s Day to you both.  You are both amazing!

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While Grandma was in town she was able to attend Owen’s Spring party in Junior Toddler A at Woodchase Academy.  It doesn’t happen very often that Owen has a party and Ryan doesn’t.  But this particular party worked out just that way.  In Ryan’s class they had a birthday party instead for one of the kiddos so it was a different type of celebration with no parents.  Owen’s class on the other hand had a Spring party and mommy and grandma went to celebrate with him and his friends. 

It was so cute to see all the little ones enjoying their dance music and party food.  Owen was so proud to have mommy and grandma there.  Him and all of his friends were so well behaved the entire time.  I think the teachers enjoyed having us there since they said that behavior wasn’t typical during snacktime.  I’m glad we could do our part to keep the kids in line!

Earlier in the day they had done an egg hunt and Owen was so proud to show us the eggs in his basket.  He knew that there was candy in them too and it was funny because he would try to open the egg and when he couldn’t he would hand it to me and say “ah peeze” which translates to “help please”.  Well mommy didn’t give in quite so easily and wouldn’t open the eggs.  Grandma on the other hand opened each and every one handed to her.  It didn’t take long for Owen to figure this out and soon he just bypassed mommy and went straight to grandma.  All the while with a huge grin on his face.  Priceless.

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UPDATE:  I stand corrected.  Jim took over 800 photos at the Master’s alone.   That brings our total for 3 weeks closer to 2,000 photos.  No wonder why I’m so behind in my scrapbooking!


I know, I know.  I haven’t updated our blog in a LONG time.  A VERY long time.  And this blog isn’t something I slack on very often.  Call me a slacker.

I love our blog.  With the many things that keep us running on a daily basis (a hubby, two toddlers, a dog, a cat, a house, a yard, a commute, a job, a side business, friends, family…) it allows me the opportunity to reflect on my favorite moments in our life. 

I love when Ryan tells me something that makes me laugh out loud.  I immediately think “I have to post that on our blog!” and it helps me remember those moments that may otherwise pass by without another thought.

I love when Owen gives me his devilish little mischievious smile after he’s devoured something and has the evidence all over his face (aka cupcakes).  I immediately run for the camera to capture the moment in order to document it on the blog and showcase my messy, messy eater.  Good thing we have a Delta because she ends up eating really, really well in this house.

It also gives me an opportunity to look through each and every photo we take in order to determine which ones to use on the blog, which ones to scrapbook and which ones to print.  I love to laugh at the silly photos we get of each boy.  And even moreso I love to see the sweet photos we capture of them when they least expect it.

There are so many moments that I do document throughout each week, month and year, but there are so many more that never make it this blog.  And I know I’ve been slacking lately.  And quite honestly, I’ve really missed it.  I haven’t even seen the 800+ pictures we have taken over the last 3 weeks.  Oh, yes.  You did hear correctly.  We have taken over 800 photos in the last 3 weeks.  And why you ask?  What could possibly warrant that many photos?

Well, that leads into why I have been a slacker over the last several weeks.  We’ve been ridiculously and insanely busy.  Period.  And when we’re busy it usually means many, many things to capture on film.  And that leads to over 800 photos taken in 3 weeks.

My mom, Aunt Nancy and cousin Catherine came from Wisconsin to Atlanta.  They were here for 10 days and it was a whirlwind time.  The time flew by.  They were a huge help with the boys and grandma put the boys to bed most nights, helped with bathtime, played with the kids and read countless books.  Grandma even shared a bedroom with Ryan.  Talk about a trooper with his 6:30am wake up time!  Grandma dropped the boys off at daycare several mornings and picked them up every night.  She even was able to attend Owen’s spring party in his class at Woodchase Academy

Jim and I even got to enjoy a date night out with no kids.  Yep, you heard it here first.  A free babysitter.  Actually three of them.  Something we’ve never had before.  Simply awesome.  Well, it would have been if I wouldn’t have gotten the flu and we had to cut our date night short in order for me to crawl into bed puking.  Really awesome huh?  I hadn’t been feeling great throughout that entire day, but we went on date night anyway.  We made it to Lenox Grill in Buckhead, we ordered our food, I took two bites and I went to wait for Jim in the car.  Yep – can you believe it?!  Just not fair.  Luckily it was a quick stomach bug and I was better the next day and nobody else caught it.  Thankfully.

Easter was wonderful.  I have many photos (250+) and stories to share so I’ll save that for another post.

Everyone left on Monday after Easter and it was a sad, sad day.  Ryan pouted all the way to school and then asked for Grandma the minute I walked into his classroom.  I spent the next several days explaining that Grandma needed to go back home to Wisconsin and we’d see her soon.  Those several days were also spent preparing for our next round of visitors.  Oh, and we can’t forget about Jim’s trip to the Master’s.  Yep, he got passes to the practice round of the Master’s and went with our friend Drew.  They left at 4:30am.  That’s dedication.  Maybe Jim will even do a guest post on this blog and share some of his stories and photos (150+) so I won’t go into any more detail for now.

Then Shanna, Andy, Sylvie and Sadie arrived for 4 days.  And that’s where the last several hundred photos come into play.  With four kiddos, two mommies and minivan anything is possible.  I’ll share more stories and photos of that soon as well.

Throughout all of that I also designed several Easter cards, two birthday invitations and a birth announcement through My Hello Designs.  You can see a few of these samples on my facebook fan page here

So, as you can see, I have a lot to blog about and a lot of photos to share.  And even though I’ve been slacking I’m now going to overload you with the moments of our life.  And that will be coming over the next several weeks.  I know you’re looking forward to it……

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