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Another week is gone and another Tuesday is here!  Another busy week behind us and I’m sure another on the way.

This week’s Tuesday Ten is a listing of the ten places I have traveled to that I love, love, love!

  1. New York City, NY:  I love the busyness of this city and everything it has to offer.  I love how there are so many people in such a small area and how there is always something to do at any given moment regardless what that desire is.  I love all the culture including the Broadway shows, restaurants, museums and of course shopping!
  2. Minnneapolis, MN:  The land of 10,000 lakes.  I love the Spring, Summer and Fall there (notice how there is no mention of Winter?!).  I love boating and biking and walking and spending time down by the lakes in South Minneapolis.  Love this city!
  3. Breckenridge, CO:  We got married there.  We got married at this really cute little yellow church with a red door by the most awesome pastor ever.  We rented out this bed and breakfast in Dillon, CO for our family and friends to stay in for our wedding weekend.  What a beautiful weekend it was.  It even snowed that weekend while we spent time in the hot tub.  Oh, I should mention that our wedding was June 11 so snow was not expected.
  4. Gordon, WI:  This is the place where our cabin is located.  I love Gordon, WI.  Things are simple there.  Cell phone reception is not great.  Beers are $1.50 each and you can see Northern Lights and shooting stars as you sit around a bonfire at night.  Everything is just so still and calm there.  You can hear the leaves crunch under your feet as you walk and as the geese land on the lake you can hear the swooshing sound the water makes when they hit the water.
  5. St. Maarten:  Who wouldn’t love it here?!  Are you kidding me?  Sandy white beaches, clear blue waters and relaxation around every corner.  Aaaaahhhhhh……
  6. Big Canoe, GA:  Hiking trails, lakes, winding roads and beautiful views.  It reminds me of a mix between the Rocky Mountain towns (Breck, Vail, Aspen, etc.) with a little bit of Gordon, WI thrown in.
  7. Denver, CO:  The mile high city.  There are views of the mountains everywhere you look.  It’s the most dog friendly city I have ever been to; there are places to hike, bike and jog; and you encounter wildlife every where you go.  And for all of you who think that Denver gets tons of snow and has really cold winters, you’d be surprised!  It’s not what you think…. It’s not only the mile high city, it’s the mild, mile high city.
  8. Middle of the Ocean:  Cruises.  I love cruises.  We’ve been fortunate to be able to go on two of them since Jim and I have been together.  We got engaged on one and we went on one as a family last Christmas with Jim’s grandmother, mother, step-dad, aunt, uncle and cousin.  It was a blast.  You can read more about that adventure here.  So much fun.  In fact it was so much fun that every morning when Ryan wakes up we ask him “Ryan, what did you dream about last night?” and his response is always “The ship-boat.  And the beach.  I built a sandcastle on the beach momma.”  Yes, it has been 6 months since we went, but every morning he talks about it and swears he has dreamt about it.  Me too, Ryan, me too.
  9. London, England:  It felt like London was a cross between NYC and Chicago.  They had an awesome Broadway scene, great restaurants and tons of historical venues to visit.  It had the busy feel of NYC in a smaller setting like Chicago.  It was so easy to get around on the Tube.  Or maybe it was my unofficial tour guide (thanks Joel B.).  I loved my experience there and would love to go back some day.
  10. Our Home, GA:  I love our home.  I have traveled for years over the course of my career and while I loved every single minute of it (well almost), I absolutely love being home with my boys.  I love having a routine and sleeping in my own bed each and every night.  I love seeing the smiles on my little guys every morning and I love to kiss them goodnight each night and snuggle with them before they drift off to sleep.  I love our home and those inside of it.

Where are some of your favorite places to visit?  What makes them special to you?


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I know I’ve been MIA this week.  I’ve been traveling for a work conference and haven’t had much free time to blog, connect and engage with everyone.  But I’m back now and trying to catch up on this hot and humid Friday afternoon.

So instead of a Feature Friday where I pick a blog to talk about, I’m giving you all the opportunity to a Feature Yourself Friday post.  Leave a comment with a little blurb about what your blog is about and why others should visit you.  I can’t wait to check all the blogs out myself so start posting!

And now I’m off to Home Depot for supplies to hopefully save my poor little fruit producing peach tree that somehow toppled over in some storms we had while I was away.  I’m so bummed over the whole thing and hope I can save the little tree… wish me luck!

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Tuesday definitely snuck up on me this week.  Monday felt like Sunday; Sunday like Saturday and for some reason Saturday felt like a PTO Friday.  I love holidays that land on Mondays.  I wish that happened every week.  Today’s Tuesday Ten consists of 10 things we did this Memorial Day weekend.

1.  Had Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Paul visiting in Atlanta
2.  Had a BBQ that consisted of baby back ribs, corn on the cob, vegetable k-bobs and pasta
3.  Jim built a new planter (more detailed blog post coming soon!)
4.  Planted strawberries in the new planter
5.  Planted two cedar trees along our fence
6.  Went out for hibachi dinner – YUM!!
7.  Did more research on the playset we want to purchase for the backyard
8.  Made apple juice popsicles (blog post coming soon!)
9.  Played in the backyard with Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Paul
10.  And last but not least we absolutely enjoyed a 3 day weekend and gave thanks to all of our family and friends who have ever served in the military.  Thank you!

What did you do this weekend?

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Or at least that is what you would think by the expression on the little guys face.  Seriously, he would not crack a smile.

It’s hard to believe that he absolutely loves playgrounds and everything that you can find there.  Even at the quietest mention of slide, swing, playground or climb the kid goes crazy.  He starts jumping up and down exclaiming “Yah!  Side!”

(side note: side = slide in Owen’s language)

And if you make mention of any of the above words you better be ready to leave immediately for the playground.  Owen will go find his shoes and stand at the door and wait very patiently for you to come and put them on him and head out the door for some fun.

But don’t be fooled by the straight faced boy featured above.  I guess to Owen, a playground is all business.  There is no room for fun or excitement when someone takes this task on as his job. And I guess I have to give him credit for giving his all to not mix work and pleasure.

If you’re lucky though you may catch him in a moment when he lets his guard down and gives a silly face.

Take some time today to enjoy the little moments and give a silly smile.  What did you do for fun this weekend?

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I love change.  I thrive on change.  Afterall, I was a trip director for many years and traveled the world from one coast to the other every few days/weeks.  Jet lag was unheard of because I was constantly in a different time zone with crazy working hours.  My body clock was non-existent.  I went by what the actual clock said.  If it read 10pm, it was 10pm.  It didn’t matter that the day prior I was 3 time zones earlier and yesterday at this exact time it was only 7pm.  Today it was 10pm.

I worked with a different client every few days.  No two programs were alike.  No two programs had the same staff.  No two programs were at the same hotel or even in the same city.  It was always new, different and exciting.  Don’t get me wrong though.  Not all programs were fun; they were just all different.

I have lived in many different houses over the years and have had many different roommates.  I have even lived in several different states.   I love change.

And then I met Jim and things changed.  He bought a townhouse and we moved in together.  We got a dog.  I got a full time 8-5 meeting planner job and had an office.  I commuted every day and traveled much less.  We got married, moved from Denver to Atlanta, started new jobs, bought a house and had two boys. Some would say that those events in life (marriage; moving and a new job) are three of the top stresses in one’s life.  Well we did those three things all in a 2 week time period.  Yes.  You heard me correctly.  We got married and 1 week later we moved from Denver to Atlanta and 3 days later started a new job.  What were we thinking?!  But don’t worry, the house and two boys came over the next several years so at least we didn’t try to take it all on at once.

I don’t travel at all for work anymore and I don’t miss it.  Well, maybe once a year I remember the road days and smile, but I certainly wouldn’t go back to that lifestyle now. You couldn’t pay me enough to leave my boys on a regular basis (all three of them!). I love my house and my routines and the consistency of it all.

Even with the routines and lack of travel there is still change in our daily lives.  It’s just that change is different now.  I still like change, but I don’t thrive on it like I used to.  I was actually upset the other day when I went to Target for my I-alway- buy-the-exact-same-type of Colgate toothpaste only to discover they were out.  How do you run out of a specific toothpaste?!  I seriously considered going to another store because I just wasn’t sure about changing it up.  But I didn’t.  I found the closest thing to what I normally buy and got this one instead.  AND I LOVE IT!  I think I have a new toothpaste!!

That’s the funny thing about change. Even the little things can make a difference and put a smile on my face…..

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And this is what it’s like trying to photograph four kids aged 3 and under.

For those of you who think it’s an easy task, you are absolutely and completely wrong.  There is nothing easy about getting four kids to sit still, let alone to all smile at the same time and be cute.   Nothing like a last minute challenge though before the girls get on the plane to head back to Minnesota.  We sure will miss our Minnesota friends.  The boys had so much fun playing with Sylvie and Sadie and they are all at good ages to actually enjoy each other.

There will be one more blog post of photos from the park with all the kids, but there were so many pictures taken that it will be awhile until I go through all of them and organize a post.  Just quickly skimming through the photos though, there were some great ones taken so I can’t wait to share them.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll get around to it.  Nothing better to do, but organize when we’re stuck in the house because of a rainy weekend.

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The Taylor’s came to Atlanta a few days after our family left from their 10 day visit.  There wasn’t enough time to adjust to our normal schedules and routines before we jumped into another out-of-the-norm weekend with friends in town.  But as I have admitted in prior posts, I love having company.  I love hosting people at our house.  And maybe this is because I miss all of our dear friends and family in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Denver and Philly.  But whatever the reason, we had another great weekend with Shanna, Andy, Sylvie and Sadie.

On Friday morning the daddies decided to go golfing so the mommies decided to take all four kiddos to the Atlanta Zoo.  Two mommies and four kiddos.  We were definitely out numbered, but definitely up for the challenge.  I mean, really, what could go wrong??

Everything.  Well, everything and yet nothing.  We got four car seats installed in the Honda and we were on our way.  The kids were all great on the ride to the zoo and we were thinking piece of cake.  We could do this every day!  That is until we got to the zoo and there was not a single place to park.  We tried every lot and all side streets and nothing.  And then we got stuck behind a line of cars in a parking lot and we were just waiting and waiting and waiting to move.

And as luck would have it the car right next to where we were waiting was leaving.  Seriously!  What luck!  We pulled right in and off we went to the zoo.

We have annual passes so we got to go through the members only entrance and we were in the zoo in no time!  And that’s where it all went wrong.  You couldn’t even move. It was ridiculous.  You couldn’t see the animals because the masses of people were so big that you couldn’t get close enough to see the animals instead their area.  It was crazy!  After much waiting we were able to see the giraffes, ostriches and zebras.  We spent alot of time there mainly because we had a spot to see them from.

Once we walked away from this area, we left.  We didn’t even bother with having lunch there or trying to see other animals.  We knew our limit and trying to keep an eye on four kids within thousands of people, strollers and chaos.  Plus it was lunch and everyone around us was getting crabby.

So that is why everything went wrong and yet nothing did.  The kids were perfect little angels; it was just the situation that was out of our hands and chaotic and made the experience one we didn’t want to chance.  So off to Old MacDonald’s play land for lunch!  Or as most know it…. McDonald’s.  The kids were thrilled to go have cheeseburgers and play on the slide.  They didn’t even realize we didn’t see the whole zoo.

And what did we do after McDonald’s?  Aaaaahhhh…. headed home for naptime!

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