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I’ve been so excited to share this video with you since Friday!  It’s the sweetest, most precious thing you have ever watched.  I received this as a Mother’s Day gift from Ryan at the Mother’s Day Tea that his class hosted.  Ryan has the most amazing teachers who put so much thought and care into everything they do with those kids.  They really provide experiences the kids (and parents) will never forget.  Woodchase Academy is lucky to have you both Ms. April and Ms. Brittany.

At the tea, the kids sang a couple of songs for all the mommy’s.  It was so cute and those kids were so proud to be hosting us.  We had peach muffins and juice and it was simply delicious.  The kids helped make the muffins and Ryan was so excited when he realized how much I loved them.  “Momma!  I helped make them!  Me and my friends, all my friends, helped make them!”

They made cute little vases with a flower balloon in them.  And they gave each mommy a DVD with a card.

But the best part came later that night after the boys were in bed and I decided to pop the DVD into my computer to see what it was all about. It’s priceless.  Just see for yourself.  And yes, that is my little jumping jack in the upper right corner.  You know, the one who can’t stand still!!!

The thought, time and work it took to make a separate DVD for each child for their mommy.  Wow!  Again, Ryan simply has the best teachers ever.  Thank you Ms. April and Ms. Brittany.  And happy Mother’s Day to you both.  You are both amazing!


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Love this boy!  He got bashful and couldn’t finish singing the whole song, but it was too cute not to share….

Here he is singing the whole song, but it was taken with my phone so the quality isn’t very good.

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There were burgers and hot dogs and chips with dips and friends and family. What a great day! Owen’s birthday party was so much fun with very well behaved kids (and adults!) and sunshine and laughter.

All of Owen’s little friends were there to help him celebrate his first birthday. The theme of the party was supposed to be an art party and we were definitely prepared for some art! However, with the weather as nice as it was the party almost immediately moved outside into the backyard with some jumping and sliding and playing. Grandma Ellie pitched in for the new jump house and all the kids seemed to enjoy it! Don’t be fooled by the photo with no kids in it since it was taken pre-party.

Owen LOVED his cake and couldn’t wait to dig right in. Yum! Bring on the frosting! Owen did a little art project on his arms, face, hair and belly and did a great job painting it all RED.

The kids did enjoy a little inside time with a few little art projects here and there. Ryan and Owen were found off on their own playing together just as brothers do. How sweet that even in crowds they stick together.

And this is the closest we have come to a family picture since Owen was born. Sad, I know. And then the one time we actually get a photo, neither of the boys are looking at the camera. Go figure.

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One year ago we were anxious to meet our new little man. Momma couldn’t wait to not have this squirmy (big!), kicking (big!), moving (big!), wiggly (big!) baby inside of her. Momma was ready to hold this little man in her arms and snuggle with that pink newborn, fresh smelling bundle of love.
Owen was born mid afternoon and weighed in at 9 pounds 5 ounces. Seriously! I did mention “big” several times above. He came very quickly and only in about 2 pushes. Momma’s water was broken around 11am and Owen arrived around 2pm. Seriously quick. Thank goodness too!

And now, a year later, here we are trying to catch that little bundle of love who is constantly on the move! He has the most heart melting pouty lip and a smile that lights up. He is our blondey boy with a personality all his own. He knows how to melt everyone he meets with his shy little smile and huge blue eyes.

We started O-wee’s birthday with mommy & Ryan singing “happy birthday” as we came into his room. I don’t think he liked that idea much. He cried. So we stopped.
Then for afternoon snack at school momma brought mini cupcakes to celebrate with his friends and of course big brother came down to his room to help eat the cupcakes. Mommy forgot the camera so just picture in your head 12 little 1 year olds smearing cupcakes and frosting all over their faces, arms, clothes, hair, table, floor, etc.

And for dinner the fun continued with spaghetti. As long as we were on the road to messiness, we might as well go all the way! By the end, he was in tears again. I think he was just wanting us to finally bring out the cake.
And yes, no birthday celebration would be complete without yet another birthday cake!! Ryan was absolutely thrilled to sing “happy birthday O-wee” yet again. And both boys were thrilled to have more sugar, frosting and cake! Oh, and I have no idea why Ryan isn’t wearing a shirt….

PS – Happy birthday to cousin Arlo and friend Emma too! All three kiddos share the same birthdate (same year). Uncle Tom and cousin Tom also share the same birthday. What a great day for everyone!

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It was 19 years ago today that I lost my dad to cancer. It’s a day that I think about often. People always say that time heals all wounds, but I think heal is a bit of a stretch. There are certain things that can never be healed. And this is one of them.

For some reason, I kept thinking it was the 27th today and kept thinking about how I was dreading tomorrow and having my dad and his cancer battle on my mind all day. Then I talked to my mom at about 5:30pm and realized that today was actually the 28th. Blame it on being a weekend; blame it on me being on vacation; blame it on whatever you want, but I was glad that the majority of the day had come and gone without that extra heavy feeling in my heart.

I remember when I was about 6 years old, I was going to the store with my dad. At the end of the alley there was a huge puddle (I mean huge!) and my mom would always drive extra slow through the puddles so it wouldn’t splash the car. But my dad went through extra fast and the water splashed all over the side of the car! I laughed histerically and he said, “don’t tell mom I did that.” And actually I don’t think I ever did till right now 😉

I also remember how much my dad used to love to fish. He went almost every day and we ate fresh fish several times a week. It was awesome! My dad used to use salmon eggs as bait and would sit in his woodwork shop in the basement and spend hours tying the eggs in nets very delicately and placing them in baby jars for later use. This is all probably more information than you want to read about on a normally kid-orientated blog, but there is a point to the story! I used to hang out with my dad in the basement alot and I know I asked a million questions all the time (like Ryan does to us now!). One night I was commenting on how particularly gross I thought these salmon eggs were and my dad just looked at me and said “honey, one day you will pay alot of money to eat raw fish eggs.” and all I could think was GROSS!! There is no way you could pay ME to eat anything that disgusting. But boy was my dad right. I absolutely love sushi and there isn’t a time that goes by while I’m eating it (and then paying ALOT of money for it) that I don’t think about that conversation with my dad.

Another memory that I’ve mentioned in a previous post is how I used to lay in bed and sing my dad to sleep. And now Ryan does the same for me. Every night that he does it, it brings tears to my eyes. Read more here.

I also remember mentioning that I would like a rocking chair for my dolls and sure enough, I came home from school the next day and my dad had build a custom made doll-sized rocking chair. I absolutely loved that rocking chair. My dad also built me a waterbed (yes, I had a waterbed!!); he built wishing wells of all sizes from tiny ones up to the one we had in our front yard which actually had running water going through it. He built lawn ornaments in whatever shape I’d ask for (smurfs, chipmunks, etc). My dad was an amazing wood worker that I took for granted back then. Now, I realize how talented he truly was and am very lucky that Jim loves to do these things as well and is also very talented.

I remember my dad waking up really early every morning and would be sitting in the kitchen having a cup of coffee (or probably his third already!) when I would could bouncing in to say good morning.

I remember every night waiting for him to come home from work to see if he had brought me anything in his lunchbox. Yes, he had a lunchbox and would buy something from the vending machine now and again and bring it home to me in his lunchbox. My favorite was when he’d bring me those shoestring potatoes.

My dad lived for one year after being diagnosed with cancer. That is a year I don’t think back to often as there are not many happy memories from that year. When you watch someone so strong and brave go through something that takes the life right out of them, it’s not something you want to remember.

These are only a few of the many, many, many great memories I have of my dad. And NO, time doesn’t heal all wounds. It may make things a little easier as time goes on, but this isn’t something that will ever be healed and he most certainly will never be forgotten about.

And not that anyone has been counting, but this is my 100th blog post. I can’t think of anyone more special to remember and talk about on such a milestone post as my dad. I love you.

PS – I don’t have any photos of my dad on this computer, but I am going to dig some up, scan them in and post them soon.

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So our little guy is changing and learning something new every day. On May 21st we woke up and looked at the video monitor and Owen was SITTING in his crib!! He has never gotten from a lay down position to a sitting position on his own.

Of course, I ran up to his room and burst in the door clapping and saying very excitedly “Yah O-wee!! Yah!!” and Owen just sat there with this huge grin on his face looking so proud. My sweet, sweet O-wee.

Over Memorial weekend Owen also started doing the army crawl. He can get up on all fours and rock back and forth and sometimes he even lifts his knees off the ground so he’s “standing” on his hands and feet with his butt arched into the air, but when it comes to actually moving, he will go flat on his belly and kick his legs and pull his body with his arms in this army sort of crawl. It’s actually pretty funny, but he certainly can get around.

He is now very mobile and goes from one end of the room to the other and if the gates are open he moves into another room in the blink of an eye. Well maybe not that quickly, but rather in several blinks of an eye.

He is also quite the little dancer and will sway his head back and forth with the music and bop up and down. He will bop to any kind of music too (including Ryan singing ABCs to him!).

I should also mention (incase he makes us millions someday) that already at 9 months old he is quite the little golfer. He loves to sit (or lay) and swing the plastic club (flat on the floor) back and forth on the carpet and hit the ball around. He will then army crawl over to where the ball is and swing the club again to hit the ball. He loves it! And he’s good at it. I’ll try to get some video of it soon. If only we had that Nikon D90 where I could take photos AND video clips all in the same piece of equipment!! I can dream right?

Owen is also following in his big brothers foot steps and loves to vacuum. We actually bought Ryan a real big boy cordless vacuum since he was constantly pushing around his little toy Dirt Devil. So yes, he now actually vacuums the toy room nonstop and Owen is right behind him with the toy Dirt Devil. Ryan decided that Owen can have the “baby vac” now that he has his own “big boy vac”. They are going to make great husbands some day!

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1. He is very, VERY stubborn. This was reconfirmed today at school when his current teacher (Ms. Tywanna) said that she warned his next teachers that when he gets into one of his moods it is best to just let him be. He will come out of it; however, he needs to do so on his own.

2. He likes order and routine and things to be in their spot. He definitely gets this from mommy.

3. He is a big helper. He will go get diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, blankets or whatever else you could possibly need. He will throw things in the trash; he will pick up toys and he will put remotes away. Sometimes in places where it takes us a LONG time to find them again.

4. He announces when he goes poop and he will back up to me so that I can check his diaper. Apparently I have said one too many times to “Come here and let me check to see if you pooped” because now he just comes over to show me before I can ask.

5. He loves to discipline and boss Delta around. “Get on bed Delta!” “In house Delta.” “You naughty!” “No Delta!”

6. He is learning to go pee-pee in the potty and if you offer him a lollipop if he goes, he will sit on the potty for 30 minutes trying! He will not give up because he knows he won’t get the lollipop if he doesn’t actually go.

7. He is very opinionated. It’s extremely difficult to persuade him to do something different than what he wants to. We always have to make the “idea” his “idea”… he gets this from daddy 🙂 He will argue and argue and argue with you about which shoes he is wearing to school. I typically want him to wear his cute summer sandals and he typically wants to wear his Spiderman water shoes. Sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles and he ends up at school in water shoes!!

8. He loves to read books. He will sit and read quietly by himself for a long time!!

9. He loves to be a BIG BOY! And he will tell O-wee over and over again “Ryan a big boy O-wee.”

10. He likes to try to send Owen to “time out” any chance he has. “O-wee you drop a-gan and you go time out.” Owen is yet to actually go to time out, but Ryan definitely trys to send him there.

11. He likes to ski on Wii Fit. He is actually pretty good too!

12. He already has a girlfriend, Addie.

13. He loves to sing “Happy Birthday!”

14. He has quite the arm on him and can throw a ball like you wouldn’t believe. I haven’t decided if this is good or bad yet because on one hand he could make a really good baseball pitcher, but on the other hand I may end up with a few broken windows over the years.

15. He likes to plant flowers with mommy. Well I think he likes the digging in the dirt part the best, but it’s still quality time together.

16. He likes to eat “dinosaurs” which are actually fruit snacks. He “NEEDS” them 24/7 and would eat them for every meal if we allowed him to.

17. He is really good at eating corn on the cob and doesn’t leave many spare kernels. It’s the cutest thing to hear him crunch as he bites into it!

18. He loves Elmo and Ela-shant (Horton Hears a Who).

19. He knows that Wednesday is trash truck day and it’s the only day of the week that he will hurry to get dressed and get downstairs so he doesn’t miss the “Men drive trash trucks”. Every week we go outside and wave to them.

20. If he gets in trouble for something I will kneel down next to him and make him look at me so I can explain what he did that sent him to time out. I will tell him “Ryan, you hit mommy and that’s why you went to time out. Are you supposed to hit?” and his response is “Yeeees….” and I will quickly say “No, you’re not supopsed to hit” so then he will quickly change his response and say “nooooo.” It’s really cute when you have two sad blue eyes and a pouty lip looking at you answering the questions incorrectly.

21. He loves Strawberry milk. And he asks for it 24/7 along with the dinosaurs.

22. He mimicks everything we say or do and then looks at us with the big proud smile.

23. He loves to do art projects including coloring, painting and playing “pay bo” which translates to playdough. He will sit at his art center and concentrate so hard on his project.

24. He loves to snuggle as long as it’s on his terms. At night he will cuddle in with us and read a million books in his big boy bed if we let him. We usually limit it to 3-4, but he would definitely stay snuggled for a million more.

25. He quite often will tell me “I need momma” and then will come over and wrap his little 2 year old arms around me. Seriously, how does that not melt your heart?!

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