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How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

In our house we let daddy sleep in until about 7:30am, made him french toast and scrambled eggs, and then let him enjoy his cup of coffee in semi-quiet.  The emphasis is on semi.  The boys then gave daddy a biscuit joiner as his father’s day gift.  Yes, I know it’s not as creative as the wonderful mother’s day gifts that I received, but it’s something he has been begging for for a long, long time.

And then, Ryan took daddy to see Toy Story 3 in the theater.  This was Ryan’s first movie on the big screen and daddy said he did great!  He watched intently and ate all of his popcorn.  He even sat still through the whole movie.  Ryan was so proud when he got home and was so excited to tell mommy and Owen all about it.

Mommy:  “Ryan!!  How was the movie?”
Ryan:  “Good!  Really, really good!”
Mommy:  “What was your favorite part?”
Ryan:  “Ummm….. the popcorn!!”

Oh well.  I should have known better with a question like that.  He did actually love the movie too though and told me bits and pieces about it all afternoon.  He thought it was pretty funny when Buzz switched to Spanish mode and started dancing.  He even showed me how he danced.

Daddy and Ryan both gave the movie two thumbs up!  And now mommy can’t wait to see it.  Who knows?  Maybe mommy and Ryan will go again before it comes out on DVD.

After a little afternoon nap (yes, all four of us slept!) we headed out for a late afternoon swim.  The boys did great and are becoming quite the little fishies in the water.  Owen even practiced jumping off the edge of the pool!  He went from screaming in the water on Saturday to jumping off the edge on Sunday.

You never know what a day will bring…..

We hope you had a super fantastic Father’s Day daddy!  We love you lots and lots and lots.


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Picture this.  Memorial weekend.  I know, I know.  This post is WAY late!  But stick with me.  It’s Memorial weekend.  And we just BBQ’d spare ribs, veggie-k-bobs and corn on the cob with Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Paul.

Ryan was ecstatic about having corn on cob.  After all, it is his favorite (as he stated many times that day).  And he was our resident corn on the cob eating pro.

Owen had no idea what corn on the cob was.  He had never had it in the true sense of on the cob.  Last year he was still too young to eat it off the cob.  You know, lack of teeth at 9 months old. But this year was a completely different story. Ryan showed him how to eat it and he went to town.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new corn on the cob pro in our house.  I’d like to introduce you to Owen Henry.  Age 21 months.

And there you have it folks.  Two corn on the cob eating pros in our house.  I can’t wait until we can actually eat the corn out of our own garden!

Do you have one of your own?  How old was your child when he/she starting eating corn directly off the cob?

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Now that I have proven I can actually grow something other than weeds in my yard I am obsessed with growing everything.  I want to quadruple the size of my 4×8 garden!  Ok, ok.  I know that isn’t realistic because our yard isn’t all that big and we have a lot of other plans for the yard as well.  Remember the play set recommendations we are looking for (here)?

This weekend Jim built this super awesome planter for me.

The idea behind it was for me to grow some herbs, but I couldn’t help myself.  I bought some strawberry plants instead!  So now Jim needs to build another planter.  This time for another tomato plant.  And then finally another one for the herb garden.  Eventually I will get the herb garden growing, but it’s not nearly as much fun as fruits and veggies!

So after much debate between strawberries or tomatoes I went with strawberries and decided Jim will just have to build another one for the tomatoes.

And if you want a planter like this one (or a custom size), please feel free to email me to jean (at) myhellodesigns (dot) com for pricing.  This planter is so awesome he is willing to make them for you as well.  Or at least I think he is.  I haven’t told him that I’m selling his wood working abilities yet.  But… I think it’s a great planter and I would hate for you to not have one.  Plus it’s several hours in the garage alone (no kids) with power tools.  What guy wouldn’t agree to this plan?!

As for the play set?  Well, we have narrowed down our selection to either CedarWorks or PlayNation.  The set we have a close eye on is this one at CedarWorks.  It’s a compact set that offers all of the components we are looking for (climbing wall, wave slide, swings and tower) for a reasonable price.  No decisions have been made quite yet, but after the hours and days of research over every single brand out there, I am ready to make a decision and start enjoying it.

If only we had an endless bank account then decisions would be so much easier to make….

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Tuesday definitely snuck up on me this week.  Monday felt like Sunday; Sunday like Saturday and for some reason Saturday felt like a PTO Friday.  I love holidays that land on Mondays.  I wish that happened every week.  Today’s Tuesday Ten consists of 10 things we did this Memorial Day weekend.

1.  Had Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Paul visiting in Atlanta
2.  Had a BBQ that consisted of baby back ribs, corn on the cob, vegetable k-bobs and pasta
3.  Jim built a new planter (more detailed blog post coming soon!)
4.  Planted strawberries in the new planter
5.  Planted two cedar trees along our fence
6.  Went out for hibachi dinner – YUM!!
7.  Did more research on the playset we want to purchase for the backyard
8.  Made apple juice popsicles (blog post coming soon!)
9.  Played in the backyard with Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Paul
10.  And last but not least we absolutely enjoyed a 3 day weekend and gave thanks to all of our family and friends who have ever served in the military.  Thank you!

What did you do this weekend?

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I know Mother’s Day was last weekend, but it’s been a busy week and I haven’t had a chance to upload the photos and post them from last weekend.  I know, call me a slacker.

But better late than never.  They were perfect and I couldn’t love them more.

Daddy scored triple points because:

  1. He didn’t spend a lot of money.
  2. He was creative.
  3. He did an actual project with the boys and involved them in the gifts.

I love them!  I love the gifts which are now proudly displayed on my desk at work.  And I love my boys.  All three of them.  They were all so proud of the gifts.  Yes, all three of them!

After breakfast and gift time, we headed to Piedmont Park for a little family bike ride, picnic and a game of kickball/soccer.  It was a great afternoon weather-wise and I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day.

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I know I’ve had my doubts about my gardening skills and I know I’ve expressed them to you all.  But I’m excited to report that the garden continues to thrive as of this weekend.  I make no promises day-to-day, but for right now I can happily tell you that I’m more and more hopeful that my gardening skills have improved.

The veggie plants are getting bigger and bigger every day.  And while the peaches don’t seem to have grown much in the last week, they are still on the tree and not dying.  That’s something to be proud of in my book!

I know a few of you have specifically asked about my little garden adventure and I promised you some updated photos to prove my skills…. enjoy!

There is even a photo or two in there of our backyard.  The pictures were taken from half way up the hill that happens to reside in our backyard.  I was hoping to give more of a perspective of how steep the hills is.  I always say it’s hard to see the actual steepness when taken from the bottom of the hill, but this gives you a better idea of how high it is when I stood up there and took the photo looking down/across to the back of the house.  Any ideas for what we could do with this crazy steep hill?!  I mean, other than golf up it?!

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I’ve been so excited to share this video with you since Friday!  It’s the sweetest, most precious thing you have ever watched.  I received this as a Mother’s Day gift from Ryan at the Mother’s Day Tea that his class hosted.  Ryan has the most amazing teachers who put so much thought and care into everything they do with those kids.  They really provide experiences the kids (and parents) will never forget.  Woodchase Academy is lucky to have you both Ms. April and Ms. Brittany.

At the tea, the kids sang a couple of songs for all the mommy’s.  It was so cute and those kids were so proud to be hosting us.  We had peach muffins and juice and it was simply delicious.  The kids helped make the muffins and Ryan was so excited when he realized how much I loved them.  “Momma!  I helped make them!  Me and my friends, all my friends, helped make them!”

They made cute little vases with a flower balloon in them.  And they gave each mommy a DVD with a card.

But the best part came later that night after the boys were in bed and I decided to pop the DVD into my computer to see what it was all about. It’s priceless.  Just see for yourself.  And yes, that is my little jumping jack in the upper right corner.  You know, the one who can’t stand still!!!

The thought, time and work it took to make a separate DVD for each child for their mommy.  Wow!  Again, Ryan simply has the best teachers ever.  Thank you Ms. April and Ms. Brittany.  And happy Mother’s Day to you both.  You are both amazing!

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