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It’s hard to believe that these two cutie pies are actually friends.

Don't even think about it!

They were born 3 weeks a part and have been having play dates since they were only a few months old.  Granted the play dates were more for the mommies and the little guys just hung out unaware there was another baby in the room.  But they are now finally at the point that they play and every once in awhile they even play together.  And it only took 22 months.

Owen knows what it’s like to have a big brother.  And when you have a big brother you have to always be aware of your surroundings at all times.  Why you ask?  Well it’s because you need to be ready to defend your popsicle in the event that the big brother swoops in and takes it away when he finishes his own.

So Owen decided that he was going to give the evil stares and put the warning out there that if Pace swoops in for his popsicle that he will regret it.  And Pace is completely unaware of these unwritten rules and is just enjoying every lick of this super special summer treat.

It was a sticky red mess when they were through, but oh did they enjoy it!  And remember how my OCD and popsicle don’t mix well?  I can guarantee you that it wasn’t my idea (daddy) to put bright red fruit punch in the popsicle molds.  And I won’t even mention who it was that did it (daddy).   But boy did the kids enjoy it.  So despite the red stickiness, thanks daddy!


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I admit it.  I’m a little OCD and am not a fan of dirty, messy, sticky kids.  So giving them popsicles on a hot, humid day in Atlanta ranks up there with things I love to do.  Right.  But I know how much they absolutely love them and as long as the mess is contained to the great outdoors, I can deal with it.  Sort of.

Last weekend I made apple juice popsicles.  Sounds healthy right?  And maybe not quite as sticky. And definitely a clear, non-staining color.

I had bought some popsicle molds from Target and filled them with 100% juice and stuck them in the freezer for a few hours.  Simple.

They were a huge hit.  In fact they were such a big hit that we had a complete and total meltdown when Owen happened to finish his.  He didn’t quite understand that he ate it all.

Once we got through the meltdown, life was good again.  And thankfully, Ryan didn’t take it quite as hard as Owen did when his was finished.

Anyone have any good cleaning products for messy, sticky kids?!    What is your favorite summer time treat?

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We had perfect fall weather in Atlanta on Saturday so after naptime we were off to the pumpkin patch! We drove to Cagle’s Dairy Farm in Canton, Georgia and saw pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!

The boys were so excited when we got there and of course the first thing that Ryan wanted to do was “JUMP!” Nothing related to fall, pumpkins or hay rides, but the kid knows what he likes. So we let him “jump, jump, jump!” for awhile to get rid of some of the energy that built up on the car ride to Canton.

Once we convinced him that we had “jumped!” enough, we rode some tractors. Or,um, mommy pushed a very hard to steer, old, heavy tractor through the grass. That was a workout!

And then finally we were off to the actual pumpkin patch portion of our fun. The boys loved all the pumpkins! Owen sat in the middle of them all with his blonde little head sticking out of all pumpkins. Other families were taking photos of him because they all thought he looked so cute sitting there. And he was just as content as could be while Ryan ran around picking up every pumpkin he could.

We offered him up to a few of the families for 50 cents per pound, but in the end we just couldn’t part with our little “pumpkin” man. Tears and all!

After playing the pumpkins for a really, really, REALLY long time (and a few mosquito bites later) we decided to have some dinner and then head for the hay ride. Both boys absolutely loved the hay ride and looked around and played in the hay and had a good time.

And then both Ryan and Owen experienced something they have never had before….. s’mores! Huge hit! Ryan helped make them, but really wasn’t a fan of the fire and how hot it got (thank goodness since this kept him at a safe distance all night long!). And they both turned into an ooey, gooey, sticky mess.

We even managed to get a family photo of the four of us. This doens’t happen very often so it basically made my mommy’s night to have a new family photo to frame.

It truly was an awesome night. Perfect weather. Perfectly behaved boys (daddy too!). And kids who slept till 8am the next morning!! Perfectly awesome.

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The spaghetti and Owen probably don’t need much explanation, but I’m guessing you’re wondering about the eye patch. Well, Owen’s left eye is a little weaker than his right so we have to patch one eye per day for one hour and each day we switch which eye we patch in order to make each of them stronger and force him to use the one without the patch.

They aren’t calling it a lazy eye and the doctor actually said he doesn’t really fit any category because both eyes are really strong and healthy, but for some reason the left one doesn’t always keep up with the right. We’ve mainly noticed it when he’s tired.

We have a follow up appointment in the next few weeks to determine next steps so we’ll keep you all posted. In the meantime, enjoy some more photos from our fun spaghetti dinner. Oh, and it was straight from kitchen table to bathtub tonight. Although Ryan wasn’t quite as messy as lil bro was!

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One year ago we were anxious to meet our new little man. Momma couldn’t wait to not have this squirmy (big!), kicking (big!), moving (big!), wiggly (big!) baby inside of her. Momma was ready to hold this little man in her arms and snuggle with that pink newborn, fresh smelling bundle of love.
Owen was born mid afternoon and weighed in at 9 pounds 5 ounces. Seriously! I did mention “big” several times above. He came very quickly and only in about 2 pushes. Momma’s water was broken around 11am and Owen arrived around 2pm. Seriously quick. Thank goodness too!

And now, a year later, here we are trying to catch that little bundle of love who is constantly on the move! He has the most heart melting pouty lip and a smile that lights up. He is our blondey boy with a personality all his own. He knows how to melt everyone he meets with his shy little smile and huge blue eyes.

We started O-wee’s birthday with mommy & Ryan singing “happy birthday” as we came into his room. I don’t think he liked that idea much. He cried. So we stopped.
Then for afternoon snack at school momma brought mini cupcakes to celebrate with his friends and of course big brother came down to his room to help eat the cupcakes. Mommy forgot the camera so just picture in your head 12 little 1 year olds smearing cupcakes and frosting all over their faces, arms, clothes, hair, table, floor, etc.

And for dinner the fun continued with spaghetti. As long as we were on the road to messiness, we might as well go all the way! By the end, he was in tears again. I think he was just wanting us to finally bring out the cake.
And yes, no birthday celebration would be complete without yet another birthday cake!! Ryan was absolutely thrilled to sing “happy birthday O-wee” yet again. And both boys were thrilled to have more sugar, frosting and cake! Oh, and I have no idea why Ryan isn’t wearing a shirt….

PS – Happy birthday to cousin Arlo and friend Emma too! All three kiddos share the same birthdate (same year). Uncle Tom and cousin Tom also share the same birthday. What a great day for everyone!

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It’s a favorite in our household. It doesn’t matter what time of day or for what meal I ask Ryan “What would you like for breakfast today?” His response is always “Mac Cheese!” with the biggest smile you have ever seen. And he gives a bashful little shrug of the shoulders with the smile because he knows he won’t get mac & cheese for breakfast.

Mommy: “Silly! You know you can’t have mac cheese for breakfast.”
Ryan (in question format): “hot dog?”
Mommy: “Goofy! No hot dogs either. How about about pancakes?”
Ryan: “Yesssss! Pancakes! O-wee, you want pancakes?”
And before Owen can response, Ryan will add: “Yeah, yeah you do.”
Well I think Owen is following in his brothers footsteps because he absolutely loves mac and cheese too! He was shoveling it into his mouth.

Look how excited he is with daddy’s choice for dinner….
And of course, since most of the mac & cheese ended up on O-wee, it required an immediate bath following dinner. What didn’t end up in Owen or on Owen ended up on the floor which made Delta about the happiest dog ever.

Great night for everyone! Except mommy who was working late and at a meeting till bedtime. Good thing mommy likes her job.

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No matter how crabby either of the boys are their moods instantly change when they hear the running water of the bathtub! They laugh; they giggle; they splash. They have a blast!

The only time we hear cries, whines and sometimes screams is when they have to get their hair rinsed. Neither mind the water on their head to initially get their hair wet; they tolerate the shampooing; but they hate getting their hair rinsed. And I’m not sure why since both kids willing put their face in the water and don’t have a fear of getting wet.

Daddy decided to get the shower sprayer out on this particular day to rinse their hair. And both boys seemed to enjoy it. Ryan also liked to drink the water from the sprayer!
Not sure how long this new, fun toy will last, but for now we’re enjoying a few less tears during the rinse cycle.

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