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How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

In our house we let daddy sleep in until about 7:30am, made him french toast and scrambled eggs, and then let him enjoy his cup of coffee in semi-quiet.  The emphasis is on semi.  The boys then gave daddy a biscuit joiner as his father’s day gift.  Yes, I know it’s not as creative as the wonderful mother’s day gifts that I received, but it’s something he has been begging for for a long, long time.

And then, Ryan took daddy to see Toy Story 3 in the theater.  This was Ryan’s first movie on the big screen and daddy said he did great!  He watched intently and ate all of his popcorn.  He even sat still through the whole movie.  Ryan was so proud when he got home and was so excited to tell mommy and Owen all about it.

Mommy:  “Ryan!!  How was the movie?”
Ryan:  “Good!  Really, really good!”
Mommy:  “What was your favorite part?”
Ryan:  “Ummm….. the popcorn!!”

Oh well.  I should have known better with a question like that.  He did actually love the movie too though and told me bits and pieces about it all afternoon.  He thought it was pretty funny when Buzz switched to Spanish mode and started dancing.  He even showed me how he danced.

Daddy and Ryan both gave the movie two thumbs up!  And now mommy can’t wait to see it.  Who knows?  Maybe mommy and Ryan will go again before it comes out on DVD.

After a little afternoon nap (yes, all four of us slept!) we headed out for a late afternoon swim.  The boys did great and are becoming quite the little fishies in the water.  Owen even practiced jumping off the edge of the pool!  He went from screaming in the water on Saturday to jumping off the edge on Sunday.

You never know what a day will bring…..

We hope you had a super fantastic Father’s Day daddy!  We love you lots and lots and lots.


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I know Mother’s Day was last weekend, but it’s been a busy week and I haven’t had a chance to upload the photos and post them from last weekend.  I know, call me a slacker.

But better late than never.  They were perfect and I couldn’t love them more.

Daddy scored triple points because:

  1. He didn’t spend a lot of money.
  2. He was creative.
  3. He did an actual project with the boys and involved them in the gifts.

I love them!  I love the gifts which are now proudly displayed on my desk at work.  And I love my boys.  All three of them.  They were all so proud of the gifts.  Yes, all three of them!

After breakfast and gift time, we headed to Piedmont Park for a little family bike ride, picnic and a game of kickball/soccer.  It was a great afternoon weather-wise and I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day.

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To say that Owen LOVES art is an understatement.  He walks around the house saying “ca-ca” over and over and over and over again.  And if you don’t know what “ca-ca” means, it’s good to figure out prior to coming to our house because if you don’t get Owen his colors or “ca-cas” (aka crayons) he will cry.  He absolutely loves to do art projects and he gets so into it.

He will carry around a piece of paper and crayon around with him for hours and will randomly just sit down on the floor and color for a bit.  When he’s finished he gets up (with crayon and paper) and will wander around and play until he feels the need to color again in which case he sits down somewhere and focuses on his art again.

He is great at making circles and he attempts to write his name.  No, we don’t have a 20 month old genius who can actually write his name, but he thinks that is what he’s doing.  Ryan is learning to write his name and so Owen likes to practice this as well.

On this particular day, Daddy and Owen did a little finger painting.  And boy was Owen excited and proud to show his masterpiece to mommy and Ryan when they got home.

Can’t you just read his face and see how much he loves art projects??  He’s such a proud kid.  He loves to be a big boy.  What is your child’s favorite pastime?

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How fun is this? Go to Wordle and put in a bunch of keyword and see what comes up!

Wordle: Untitled

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“Momma!! Yook!! I make art project!”

Since Ryan wasn’t doing an art project when I left the toy room to check on dinner, I flew into the room to see what sort of art project he had done in 5 minutes.

Yep, this was it! This was his art project and boy was he proud! So of course I took photos of his beautiful work….

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Seriously, what was I thinking?

I asked Ryan several times if he wanted to go with me to the fabric store and his response each time was “No.” It was in a very matter of fact tone of voice and he had no interest whatsoever.

But then I mentioned “Horton’s in the car” and he jumped up and looked at Jim and said “Bye daddy! I need my shoes on.” Yep, I had him with Horton again. I love that elephant! So off to the fabric store we went. And yes, we watched Horton Hears a Who AGAIN!

While walking around the store getting swatches for the new curtains and headboard I plan to make for the office slash spare bedroom (after it gets painted), we came across bird houses. I asked Ryan if he thought it would be a good idea to paint some new houses for the birds in our yard and he jumped up and down clapping “Yah! I paint bird houses!! Birdies need new home. Tweet tweet” And of course the “tweet tweet” was accompanied with a tilt of the head and flapping of the wings to demonstrate how a bird does it.

Ryan also insisted that Owen paint one too so after much thought into which birdhouses to get, he decided on the same one for both him and O-wee. We also picked up some wooden frogs to paint and display in the flower garden. He said the flowers needed something too. “Oh momma. Flowers need new frogs too” I’m assuming he didn’t want the flowers to be left out since the birds were getting new houses. I love a two year old mind!

Later in the afternoon after naps and much needed rest time (for mommy of course!) we decided to get the paint supplies out. Owen was amazed and in awe of how excited Ryan was. He just stared at him with a confused look on his face since he didn’t know what the fuss was all about.

Ryan of course was focused and concentrated on painting using all the various colors.
Owen dug right in, smeared the paint all over the house, the tray, his clothes and his face. He had a blast! I only stopped him when he wanted to smear it on his teeth and tongue. Otherwise, who cares! Let them have some fun!!
And the final products: birdhouses and flower garden frogs!

The next morning after they all dried we hung the houses in the tree and put the frogs by the flowers. Ryan was seriously so proud of himself and O-wee. He told me numerous times “O-wee and Ryan awesome! Good job O-wee!”

These are phrases that we say often to the boys and Ryan has now picked up on it and will be sure to acknowledge Owen, mommy and daddy with the phrases as well. Delta still will usually get the “Delta naughty” phrase, but Delta is working on being a better listener 🙂

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The weather was beautiful and the boys were in great moods! We were off to Big Canoe for the day to spend it with Grandad, Grandmom, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. What a perfect day that lay ahead.

Ryan was so excited to see Megan and Tyler and Colin and Josh. We were the first to arrive and so every time he heard a noise in the house he’d jump up and say “oh momma. Megan here!” and my response was always “No honey. Megan’s not here yet, but she will be soon.”

Poor Ryan fell asleep waiting patiently for his little cousins to arrive, but boy was he excited to see everyone when he woke up.

We hit the pool and had a great time! Big Canoe has an awesome kids area with shallow water (a foot deep) and a bunch of the sprayer things to run through. I would have pictures to post on the blog IF we would have remember to bring the camera to the pool. However, we didn’t and therefore I have nothing to show in regard to the fun we had.

Since we mention Big Canoe often, I thought I would include this link here so you could see for yourself what a cool area it is and why we enjoy spending time up there with Grandad and Grandmom.

After alot of swimming, splashing, laughing and ball throwing, we packed it up and headed back to the house for some more family time and BBQ. Yum!
And as you can see dessert included chocolate frosted cupcakes. Ryan thoroughly enjoyed his and we didn’t have to remind him even once to finish it. Unlike dinner and other meal which takes about 40 reminders to “finish eating Ryan.” Nope, no reminder when it came to the cupcakes.

Owen also enjoy a few tastes of mommy’s and as you can see he also thoroughly enjoyed each bite of it. He would have easily eaten the entire thing if I would have let him.
And when I didn’t let him, this is the look he gave us which was accompanied by a yell. Yep, Mr. Impatient.
Just for the record, Ryan never had anything like this prior to turning one. And rarely got things like this even after that. Owen on the other hand eats everything. It doesn’t seem to matter what it is; he wants it.

After dinner the kids all played legos together with no fights or arguing. They had a great time building towers and cars and such.

Ryan has been talking about his day since we got home. He really enjoyed spending time with his cousins. If only we did it more often…..

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