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I can’t believe it’s already been a week and I haven’t updated everyone on Owen’s last eye appointment.  The morning started like any other.  We were casually getting dressed and motivated for the day (I work from home on Friday so without a 45-60 minute commute we have some extra time) when out of nowhere I remembered that Owen had an eye appointment.  At 8:05am!!  Dang.  On the other side of Atlanta!!  Dang again.  And it was thunderstorming!!  Dang yet again!

Since you know all about how people drive in Atlanta (here), you know I was freaking out.  I grabbed Owen, an Oatmeal to Go, and off we went in the pouring rain.  Luckily daddy hadn’t left for work yet because he had to bring Ryan to Woodchase Academy to save us a few extra minutes.

We got there only about 10 minutes late, but thankfully because of the rain everyone else was late too.  We were seen rather quickly and after some examination they decided to dilate his eyes again just to see if they missed something before in regard to why the surgery didn’t work 100% and why Owen was still having issues.

Everything looked great and Dr. Lipsky said his eyes are very healthy and his vision is great.  They aren’t ready to do another surgery so instead he wants us to try glasses. Dr. Lipsky thinks it may be a focus issue and wants Owen to wear them for 9 weeks or so and we’ll have another follow up appointment.  If the eyes improve we’ll continue with the glasses.  If they do not improve at all we’ll discuss further surgery.  Dang you strabismus!

So far Owen is handling his glasses with no problem.  He keeps them on throughout the day/evening and doesn’t seem to mind them at all.  If they happen to come off he will bring them to you and say “Elp.  Peeze.” (translated means help please) and want you to put them back on.

He looks absolutely adorable in them and seriously looks like he got smarter overnight.  Since he often times has a serious look on his face, when you add the glasses to the equation, he looks like a little genius!  Oh, wait!  He is a little genius!!

Ryan has been begging to wear Owen’s glasses.  Every now and again from the other room I’ll hear the following conversation:

Ryan (while nodding his head up and down):  “O-wee.  You want this?  Yeeeeessssss?  You want this?”
Owen:  “Yes.”
Ryan:  “Yes?  You want this?”
Owen:  “Yes.”
Ryan (handing the toy to Owen):  “Ok.  Here you go.  Now give me your glasses.”
Owen: “NOOOOO!!!!”

Aaaaahhhhh…. brotherly love.  Our little Ryan is quite the persuader.  I think he’s going to be a lawyer.  Or maybe a sales person.  He already has some great tactics and can convince his brother of a lot of things.  But apparently he can’t convince him to hand over the new glasses.

Do any of you have kids with strabismus or know anyone who does?  I’d love to hear some (positive) success stories!  For instance, was surgery successful in your case?  Did you go through multiple surgeries?  How long were glasses worn?  Any advice to share?


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Feature Friday time again!  Where do the weeks go?  Seriously!  It’s been another busy in our house.  We made a day trip to Big Canoe, GA; we discovered veggies growing in our garden; Owen got glasses; designed some business cards, marketing cards & stickers for a client; designed my own ad for a magazine and of course, I’ve blogged.

The blog I am featuring today is one that actually prompted me to start blogging myself.  I’m not even sure if Dee realizes that, but it was almost two years ago when we were emailing back and forth and she told me about the blog she started.  She was telling me how great it was to be able to share stories, photos and their life with family and friends that they didn’t see on a regular basis.  Then she said how she thought I would really enjoy it and it would be great for me as well since I’m so many states away from my hometown, family and friends.

I thought about it for a few hours and thought, why not?  So I started my blog!  I had no idea what to write, who would read it or how long I would keep it up.   My very first blog post can be found here.  Keep in mind I started on blogger so this was imported to WordPress from my original blog.

And here I am over a year and a half later still blogging and loving it!  So even if you didn’t know it, thank you Dee.  I owe you for prompting me to start my blog.

Dee is the author of A Little Girl & Her Purple Cat. She has a great writing style and shares some of the cutest pictures ever.  She loves to clean and organize; she gardens and she’s such a great mommy!  I’m sure you’ll have a lot in common with her.  Go take a look, leave her a comment and tell her I said hello!

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I’m so excited to participate in my first meme.  The funny thing is that this last two weeks have been so insanely busy and all I could think about today was how I was not going to do anything tonight. I wanted to sit and watch television and go to bed early.  No designs, no cleaning, no email and no blog posting.  But then I was tagged by The Busy Peppermill on this meme and I couldn’t wait to sit down and write my post!  Oh, and I’m also working on a memory book design for someone in between checking and sending emails.  So I guess I’m 3 for 4 in not following through with my evening plans.  But I promise… no cleaning!  That will need to wait until tomorrow.

So, here goes…. The seven things that make me grumpy!

1.  New toilet paper role sitting on TOP of empty toilet paper role.  Seriously.  This bugs me so much.  If you go through the effort of getting the new toilet paper role, just switch it.  Don’t leave the new one sitting next to or on top of the old empty one.

2.  Stupid people.  You know the ones. Socially awkward, cheap and don’t forget selfish.

3.  Having to buy new socks and underwear.  I feel like it’s such a waste of money because these items are not really seen, but yet they cost a small fortune (well small fortune realitive to the item).

4.  A messy kitchen.  Don’t get me wrong ours is messy and cluttery most days, but believe me when I say I get grumpy every time I walk into it.

5.  The alarm clock in the morning.  I very much dislike it for making me grumpy first thing every day at 6am.  At least give me until 7am.

6.  Not being able to see our long distant family and friends more.  I love family/friend time and hate that we don’t get to Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin or Colorado more.  If only we were rich and could afford to travel more with two little kids.

7.  Last but not least, the 7th thing that makes me grumpy is not winning the lotto.  This makes me grumpy because I already have my mental list of everything I would do with the winnings.  And I promise I’d do good with it.  It would just be nice to win.  And I promise if I win once I will never, ever again ask to win again.  I promise.  Feel free to test me on this one… go ahead, I dare you 😉

Hope you enjoyed my list and now I’m tagging a few people of my own…..

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I hope you will all participate!! I look forward to reading your posts….

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My serious little O-wee, fun loving daddy, and big helper Ryan.  How lucky and blessed I am to have such great little (and big) men in my life….

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I used to be surprised with some of our conversations between me and Ryan.  But over time, nothing shocks me anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, they still make me smile and laugh to myself, but they don’t floor me like they once did.  For instance….

Mommy:  “Ryan, how are you liking your new big boy room at school?”
Ryan:  “It’s perfectly fine momma.”
Mommy:  “Oh really?!  Perfectly fine?  Where did you learn a word like ‘perfectly’?”
Ryan:  “In my big boy room at school momma.” (add a completely annoyed look like which basically says how could you not know that?)
Mommy:  “Oh.  Alright.  Well, good for you Ryan.”

And later that night after a few more random conversations with Ryan….

Mommy:  “Ryan, when did you grow up on me?”
Ryan:  “I didn’t grow up mommy.  I’m right here.”
Mommy:  “I know you’re right there Ryan, but you act like at least an 8 year old.  Not a 3 year old.”
Ryan:  “Oh.  Well that’s because I’m really tall now.  See?  My jammies don’t reach my feet anymore. I’m SUPER tall.”
Mommy:  “I love you Ryan.”
Ryan:  “I know momma.  I love you too.”

Our little Ryan is definitely a talker.  He wakes up taking and he goes to bed talking.  He doesn’t stop at all (I’m not kidding) throughout the day.  He talks to anyone who will listen.  And if nobody is listening than he just talks out loud to nobody.  He talks to little brother Owen (and bosses him around); he talks to Delta (the dog); and he talks to his toys, the plants, his shoes and well just about anything.  Or nothing.  Whichever.  It doesn’t matter much to him.

He questions every single thing.  He tells you everything he does at the moment he does it.  He is simply amazing.  Our little chatterbox.

Is it a sibling order thing?  Is it a hereditary thing (from his father of course!)?  Or do we just have a chatterbox on our hands?

What is your opinion?

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I know I say this every week, but how can it be Tuesday already?!  Don’t get me wrong, I wish it was Friday today.  I wish this every week on Tuesday.  And Monday and Wednesday too.  By Thursday I can already see Friday approaching so I’m fine with Thursday.  It’s just Monday through Wednesday that I try to avoid.

But at least today I have Tuesday Ten to look forward to.  And this week, I’m going to tell you my all time favorite movies.  Please feel free to share yours as well.  Post your own Tuesday Ten (same topic as mine or make up your own!) and link up through the Linky tool at the bottom of the post.  As always this list is in no particular order.  Well, except that Serendipity is my all time favorite movie so that had to be number one!

1.  Serendipity
2.  Pretty Woman
3.  Cutting Edge
4.  My Best Friend’s Wedding
5.  The Wedding Planner
6.  Toy Story
7.  How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
8.  Dumb and Dumber
9.  13 Going on 30
10.  Legally Blonde

Those are ten of the movies I could (and have) watched over and over again.  I admit, I’m a sucker for feel good chick flick movies.  I’m a girl and I’m allowed.  I also enjoy a good comedy as well.  But when it comes to the Sci-Fi or violent, dark movies you can count me out.  I’m sure there are some good ones out there and I know I’ve seen a few of them (and enjoyed them actually), but in general they just don’t make it to my Netflix queue.  Which is probably why the hubby tries to keep the password away from me.  Just because one time and only one time I might add, I edited the queue so that Sex and the City series and the Friends series consumed the top 25 in the queue.

I’m just saying.  Would that make you change the password for Netflix?  I think not.  And still, over a year later those DVDs have still not arrived.  But funny thing.  We receive two or so movies a week; just not Sex and the City or Friends.  Oh what I would do to own either of those series on DVD.  I would watch them over and over and over and over……

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Or at least that is what you would think by the expression on the little guys face.  Seriously, he would not crack a smile.

It’s hard to believe that he absolutely loves playgrounds and everything that you can find there.  Even at the quietest mention of slide, swing, playground or climb the kid goes crazy.  He starts jumping up and down exclaiming “Yah!  Side!”

(side note: side = slide in Owen’s language)

And if you make mention of any of the above words you better be ready to leave immediately for the playground.  Owen will go find his shoes and stand at the door and wait very patiently for you to come and put them on him and head out the door for some fun.

But don’t be fooled by the straight faced boy featured above.  I guess to Owen, a playground is all business.  There is no room for fun or excitement when someone takes this task on as his job. And I guess I have to give him credit for giving his all to not mix work and pleasure.

If you’re lucky though you may catch him in a moment when he lets his guard down and gives a silly face.

Take some time today to enjoy the little moments and give a silly smile.  What did you do for fun this weekend?

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