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Friday Fun

Don’t you wish that the little things in life made you laugh this hard?  Ryan is such a great big brother and Owen absolutely idolizes him.  With that combination there is always laughter in our house.  Especially last night when Ryan decided to mimic mommy and daddy and blow raspberries on Owen’s belly.  Owen doesn’t laugh quite this hard for us, but boy did he enjoy the special attention from big brother Ryan.

Hope you’re having some Friday fun!  What is on your agenda for the weekend?


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Last night Ryan decided that I was broken.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  He said I was broken. We were laying on his bed reading books and snuggin’. For some reason way back when we would refer to snuggling as snuggin and now it’s stuck.  Both boys refer to it this way – snuggin’ or snug.  But I digress (again).

The conversation went like this:

Ryan: “Oh no momma!  You broken.”
Mommy:  “What?!  What do you mean I’m broken??”
Ryan:  “See momma.  You have a hole in your belly button.  Someone broke you.  Who broke you?”
Mommy:  “Oh!  Yes, I do have a hole in my belly button.  But that doesn’t mean I’m broken Ryan.”
(side note…. I used to have a belly button ring, but now it’s just the hole with no ring.)
Ryan:  “Yes momma.  Yes, it does mean you broken.  What if your food falls out when it goes to your tummy?  Oh no!”
Mommy:  “Don’t worry Ryan.  My food will not fall of my hole in my belly button.  I promise.”
Ryan:  “But momma.  It will.  Yes, it will.  Oh no!”
Mommy:  “Ryan.  Do you know how much I love you?  You are so funny and so awesome too!”
Ryan:  “Yes momma I do.  You awesome too.”

The conversations that come up on a daily basis crack me up.  Seriously.  Who would have ever thought this is what we would be discussing last night as we read books in bed and snugged?!  What are some of the funny things your kids said recently?

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My garden is definitely sprouting. Here are the corn sprouts and peas. Not long till we are eating some fresh veggies. Yum!

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A Classic

This video of Ryan at about 10 months old cracks me up.  It’s a classic.  Every now and again I pull it back up from our youtube account (jgazdik228) to watch it.  It’s seriously hilarious and will turn any bad day around.  It will put a smile on your face.  It will make you laugh out loud.  I guarantee you will enjoy it.

Please feel free to forward this post on to your friends/family and make their day too.  You’ll put an instant smile on their face…..

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As I had mentioned the other day, we had friends over last weekend for dinner and playtime.  The boys, daddies & kids convinced me to watch a movie.  I was slightly outnumbered 6 to 1 so I caved and put in Toy Story.  I’m not a big TV/movie fan for the kids so it typically takes a lot of convincing.  But with the daddies heading out to house hunt (not for us) and this mommy being left with 4 little boys, I agreed to a movie.

While they were sitting so quietly enjoying the movie, I took a few snapshots.  But I had to stop after only a few.  Why you ask?  Well, it’s because Cooper took his eyes off the movie and his thumb out of his mouth long enough to tell me “Nuff pictures.  No more.”  and went back to movie watching and thumb sucking.  I laughed out loud because he really was serious.

So enjoy a few of the ones I was able to get.

Do your kids enjoy having their photos taken?

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If you could see the happy smiles that the indoor jump house puts on the boys face you would clear your toy room out too and set it up indoors on a rainy Saturday morning.  They absolutely LOVE to jump regardless if it’s indoors or out. Plus Owen has now figured out how to actually jump so this works out perfectly.  He literally walks around the house jumping all day while exclaiming “ump.  ump” and Ryan responding with “O-wee I’m so proud of you.  I teach you how to jump all by yourself.  I so proud.”

Yep – those are my boys.  Love them to pieces.  Wouldn’t you?

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Tuesday Ten

Every Tuesday I am going to attempt to do a post that involves ten.  Ten things we want to do this summer; ten places we want to travel to; ten of our favorite bedtime books; or ten things we did the prior week.

Today’s Tuesday Ten are the ten things I didn’t know before having a baby…..

1.  You will never, ever again take a good night sleep for granted.  They are so few and far between once you have a child that sleeping through the night is something you cherish.  If you’re lucky the baby will sleep through the night within a few months, but that doesn’t mean you will.  Every noise on the monitor will wake you up.  You’ll wonder if the baby is ok.  And if you don’t hear the baby you’ll wonder why the baby isn’t making noise.  You’ll appreciate every single minute of sleep you get and you won’t be afraid to go to bed at 8pm if that is what it takes to get a few solid hours of rest.

2.  Eating a meal becomes a race.  If you want to finish your meal, you better eat it fast because at any given moment your little one may decide it’s their time to eat. Or they may need a diaper change.  Or they may want to be held.  Or anything.  Meals are always on the go.  And once the kids are old enough you will hear “bite, bite, bite” and whether or not they just finished their own meal they will inevitably want yours as well.  And if you are lucky enough to go out for dinner as a family, you are now eating with 5pm dinner crowd.  The bonus to this is that you get more discounts and happy hour type pricing because you’re there so early!

3.  No conversation is off limits.  You’ll talk about labor/delivery, breast feeding, pee-pee, poopie and everything in between.

4.  High pitched baby talk is now acceptable regardless who is around and within your company.

5.  Showers in a quiet bathroom are few and far between.  Typically there will be a child in a bouncy seat in the bathroom, a dog laying on the rug or even a husband who pops in and out to ask a million questions.  If and when you do get a shower, it’s usually not quiet, enjoyable or lengthy.

6.  Your memory leaves.  Seriously.  You’re tired and dirty (see #1 and #5) and you can’t remember where you placed your keys, when you last ate, when you last changed the baby, when you last peed (see #3) or when you last let the dog outside.

7.  You learn to drink hot beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, tea) cold and cold beverages (soda, water, juice, milk) warm.  The thought of a hot cup of coffee gets you up and motivated for the day, but by the time you actually drink it the coffee is ice cold.  But you don’t care.  You drink it anyway.  And typically like a shot of espresso because you need the caffeine boost to get through the next several hours.

8.  You will plan your day around feedings/bottles, naptimes, bedtime and diaper changes.  You very quickly realize the importance of a good nap on the first day your little one does not get one.  If you keep a baby up past their bedtime with the hope they’ll sleep in the next morning, you’re definitely dreaming.  Typically, if they stay up later than usual, they wake up earlier and crabbier and are off all of the next day because they didn’t get the sleep they are used to and they don’t know how to deal with that.  If you’re like us you will attempt this several time before accepting defeat and coming home for a 7pm bedtime.  Which leads to number 9….

9.  You thought a curfew of midnight in high school was brutal.  Who is home by midnight?  Nobody.  Only you, the one with the curfew.  Well, welcome to parenthood because your new curfew just became 7pm.

10.  You don’t truly understand unconditional love until you experience numbers 1 through 9.  Even though you don’t get a full night sleep anymore and you haven’t showered in several days and you consistently eat a meal in just two bites and wash it down with ice cold coffee there isn’t anything that you would change.  You love that little baby more than anything you have ever loved before.  Unconditionally with all your heart.  And nothing will change that.

Now add your own Tuesday Ten to your blog (feel free to use the Tuesday Ten logo and URL).  Or leave a comment on my blog with your Tuesday Ten list.

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