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Thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, text messaged us on a daily basis since Owen’s surgery.  It really means alot to know that so many of you are thinking about our little guy and have him in your prayers.  I wanted to let you all know that he is doing awesome!  He went to his eye surgeon, Dr. Lipsky for a follow up visit on Monday morning and he said Owen is perfect.  He is very pleased with how the surgery went and how Owen is recovering from it.

He has been back at school (Woodchase Academy) this week and doing great!  His teachers said that his eyes look great and are not wandering like they used to do during circle time.  They noticed how he’s much better at focusing and seems to be his normal, happy self.  Just as if he’d never had surgery at all.  Granted his eyes are still bloody and bruised so he still gets the “Oh poor O-wee” looks and comments, but the kid takes it like a champ and smiles and waves.

Our other little champ is Mr. Ryan James.  He can now identify all of his letters of the alphabet and all numbers up to 9.  He still gets a little confused with double digit numbers and for 12 will say “One and Two” and when I tell him it’s twelve he will tell me “No momma.  See.   It’s a ONE and this is a TWO.”  Well, ya got me there kiddo.  You’re right.

We finally have our kitchen chalkboard hung up; 2+ years of sitting against the wall and thanks to cousin Catherine for hanging it up when she came to visit last month!  Well I wrote the alphabet scattered all over the chalkboard and our new mealtime game is to discuss each letter and what it stands for.  Example…. E for Eagle.  G for Garbage.  U for Umbrella.  And so on.

Ryan can identify each and every letter and tell us what words starts with the letter.  He’s doing amazing since he’s only three years old.  He’s also learning how to write his name and is so proud of himself when he traces it correctly.  There is nothing better than to see the joy on his face when he does it correctly.

We’re so proud of both of our champs.  They amaze us everyday.


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The difference between my awesome little boys is this…..

Ryan Eating a Cupcake

Owen Eating a Cupcake

Ryan is neat and clean.  Owen, well, not so much.  We know which kid takes after which parent.  Love you honey 🙂

And this photo deserved it’s own spotlight.  Going in for the good stuff!  You can’t say he didn’t enjoy it.  Regardless how messy he got.

This cupcake is DELICIOUS!

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Who knew that a rubbermaid bin that we use for toy storage could provide hours of fun for two little boys?!

Warning… these photos were taken the day Owen had surgery so his eyes are pretty bloody in them.  I’ll try to spare you the really gross closeup ones. But as you can see from the photos he was on the road to recovery by evening.  These were taken just before bedtime.



Owen after eye surgery

So much fun! And contained 🙂

What? Me?

Whatcha doin' Ryan?

I also had to throw one of the snuggle pics in here since it’s so rare that Owen will sleep like this in our arms.

Mommy & Owen snuggling after surgery

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He came through his surgery with flying colors.  It was a long day on Thursday, but he’s on the mend now and back to his spunky and happy go lucky self.

If you know Owen or have read any of my previous posts, you know how much the kid likes food.  And how stubborn he is.  So waking him up in the morning and not bringing in a warm cup of milk for him to drink in his crib started the day off on a bad note.  He screamed and cried for “Mi” (which translates to milk).  We distracted him enough to forget about his usual warm cup of milk only to head downstairs and have him scream and cry for “nak” (which translates to snack).

Again, we distracted him enough to get him to the car only to have him scream and cry all the way to the surgery center because he wanted a “ca-ca” (which translates to cracker).  We were pretty stressed by the time we arrived because we had a little 18 month old who had been crying since he woke up that morning.  Ugh.

Luckily, they were pretty quick and got us back to pre-op and started to prep us for surgery.  That portion went really well and no tears were shed.  Well, until they took Owen from us to bring him back to surgery.  Owen SCREAMED at the top of his lungs while reaching for us with this confused, desperate look.  Yep, mommy lost it too.

The surgery only took about 45 minutes or so which went by fast.  Having Grandad Jim and Grandmom Janice there to chat with helped pass the time.  It was nice to have them there with us.

The doctor came out and said the surgery went perfect.  Awesome.  That’s what we wanted to hear.

I’ll spare you the details of the post op, IVs, bloody eyes and flailing, screaming child.  But I’m sure you can imagine that it wasn’t pretty.  It wasn’t fun.  And mommy almost passed out. Luckily daddy held it together to get Owen dressed and out of there.

Owen spent most of the day snuggled in mommy’s arms sleeping.  It was just what Owen and mommy needed.   By night time he was coming around and showing more signs of his spunky self.

The surgeon, Dr. Stephen Lipsky from Thomas Eye Group was amazing.  He was so kind and gentle and concerned for us.  He handled Owen and us so well and really put us at ease.  He gave us a level of comfort that was needed to make this whole ordeal less stressful.  And the best part was that around 9:15pm the night of Owen’s surgery, Dr. Lipsky personally called us to see how Owen was doing and to see if we had any questions.  He didn’t ask one of his nurses or techs to call.  He personally picked up the phone and called us.  Amazing.

And now today, other than having bloody eyes still you wouldn’t even know he had surgery.  He is doing great!  The risk of infection is still really high so we are staying in all weekend.  This ought to be interesting especially since our Atlanta Spring weather has been AWESOME the last few days.  It’s been so warm and sunny.  I love it.

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Owen’s eye muscle surgery will take place tomorrow morning, bright and early.  We need to be there at 8am and the surgery is scheduled for 9:30am.  They say it should take an hour or so, but like the surgeon said, “the surgery will take as long as it takes for us to get his eyes fixed.”

Owen is a little champ.  He has been on a nebulizer this week for some wheezing which the doctor wanted to knock out of his system before going in for surgery.  I was worried about our oh so stubborn 18 month old who has taken a new habit of biting still objects if they don’t cooperate the way he wants them to.  I wasn’t sure how we’d get him to sit still for a 20 minute nebulizer treatment while something is strapped to his face.

Surprisingly though, he just sits there perfectly still not touching it or even moving.  It bothers Ryan far more than it bothers Owen.

Ryan:  “Momma.”
Mommy:  “Yes, Ryan?”
Ryan:  “Momma, O-wee doesn’t like that.  He done now.”
Mommy:  “No, Ryan.  O-wee doesn’t mind it at all.  O-wee is being a very good boy.  It doesn’t hurt him.  He’s just breathing air.”
Ryan:  “No momma.  It hurt O-wee.  O-wee don’t like it.  He tell me.  He done now.”
Mommy:  “Just a few more minutes buddy and we’ll take it off.”
Ryan (with a VERY concerned look):  “O-tay momma.”

We’re on our third day of “breathing” and even Ryan has adjusted to it.  He helps get it all ready for Owen and carts the little machine around while we set it up.

Now the eye drops…. a completely different story.  Owen screams at the top of his lungs when he sees those drops coming toward him.  He hates it.  And it’s awesome because we have 5 or more days left to do them.  Super.

Ryan on the other hand will voluntarily lay down and ask for eye drops so that he can have a lollipop.  That conversation goes like this:

Ryan:  “Momma.  I lay down and get eye drops.  I no cry.”
Mommy:  “Ryan, you don’t need eye drops.  Only O-wee does.”
Ryan:  “But momma.  I need eye drops too.  I no cry.  I get a lollipop.  Yah, I do.  I don’t cry and I get a lollipop.”
Mommy:  “Ryan, you can’t have eye drops.”
Ryan:  “Oh, but I still get lollipop??”
Mommy:  “No, no lollipops.  You bounce off the walls after a lollipop and it’s almost bedtime.”
Ryan:  “Momma.  I don’t bounce on walls.”

Mommy and daddy are tired, stressed and beyond worried.  We’re confident everything will be just fine, but it’s never easy to have to bring your baby in for any type of surgery.  Regardless of the situation.  It’s hard to do and hard to not think about it non-stop and worry about all those risks that are presented to you.  I am very excited for this surgery to be done and over and for Owen’s eyes to be corrected and for them to not bother him anymore.  He is such an awesome little guy and so full of spunk and energy.  He truly is a gift.  So please keep him in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.   We love our little O-wee oh so much!!

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When the weather is cold in Atlanta everyone (and I mean everyone) will make comments like these:

“You’re from MN/WI.  You must love this cold weather!”

“I bet you love this snow!”

“Doesn’t this cold weather make you miss MN/WI?”

“I bet you enjoy winter weather like this!”

My responses are typically something like this:


And that response is applicable to all the above cold weather related questions. There is no hesitation in my voice when I respond either.

Seriously Atlanta friends.  Would you miss cold weather like this if you left it?  I mean, I did leave it after all.  If I loved it sooooo much, don’t you think I would still be living there?  I hate this cold weather.  There isn’t anything fun about scraping your car windows in the morning.  Or having to heat up your car just so you can tolerate sitting on the leather seats.  Or having to bundle up in multiple layers of clothing just so you can walk to/from your car into the store, office, daycare, etc.

I can’t think of one fun reason to have cold weather.

I do love the snow if it’s like the snow we had last Friday (did you read this post?).  That was awesome.  But that is very, very rare here in Atlanta.  Normally, if/when we get any snow it’s icy and gross.  It’s not white and fluffy and good snowman making snow.  But last Friday…. it was awesome.  We really did enjoy it.  Well, that is we enjoyed it between bouts of screaming because Owen couldn’t pick up the snow with his mittens.  Then he’d take them off and scream because the snow was cold to touch.  Oh, and then he’d scream because he was afraid to walk in it.  And then he’d scream because I would pick him up to carry him and he really did want to be standing in the snow.  Oh, and don’t forget screaming because he wouldn’t move.  And then screaming even harder when I brought him in the house thinking he just flat out hated the snow.

Besides all that screaming, we really did enjoy the snow last week.

But I digress.  I may have been happy and excited with last week’s random snow we received.  But really, when is down right cold weather ever fun?

I may talk about missing MN and would love to be there more often, but when was the last time I made a trip home in the winter??  It’s cold there.  And yes, if we lived there again I would suck it up and semi-enjoy the winters, but for now, while living in Atlanta, there isn’t a single part of me that wants cold weather.  And I feel very confident saying Jim feels the same.  He actually whines and complains about the cold far more than I do.

So bring on Spring in the south!  I’m ready for green grass, buds on the trees and blooming flowers.  I cannot wait!

And now, I must remove myself from my snuggie to go turn on my electric blanket so it’s cozy warm when I head to bed.

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Over the weekend, daddy captured the three of us putting in some early morning hours working.  Otherwise known as mommy catching up on blog posts; Ryan playing ABC games; and Owen?  Well Owen was using the memory game box as his ‘puter.

Computer Time

What a ham!

After some working we moved on to a little GeoTrax fun.  Daddy, Ryan and mommy love building and modifying the tracks, but now Owen is really getting into it as well.  What a fun morning!

Geotrax Firetruck

Coming through

Owen playing Geotrax

So focused

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