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So Unlike Owen!

For those of you that know Owen, you know that it takes him awhile to warm up to other people.  He loves his teachers and his friends at school and just about anyone else… from a distance.  But if you get in his “personal space” he is not a happy camper.  He’s not a big fan of others picking him up or holding him.  After being around him for an extended period and him realizing your an okay person, he will tolerate you, but not without prompting and persuading.

But cousin Cathy was an exception to this rule of his.  He loved her and would crawl right into her lap all on his own.  He would hug and kiss her and talk to her.  Both Ryan and Owen are excited for her next visit to Atlanta.  And she’s even bringing some additional passengers with her.  We cannot wait to see Grandma and Aunt Nancy too!!  Seriously, we are counting down the days till their arrival in March.  Yippee!

In the meantime, enjoy some very rare shots of Owen nestled snuggly in the lap of cousin Cathy.

Maybe Owen is turning a new leaf and won’t be so shy and unwilling to be snuggled by others.  We’ll see….


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Tonight Ryan had a McDonald’s birthday party for one of his Woodchase Academy classmates, Jahlon.  They had face painting and even a special guest appearance by Dora and Boots.  It was so much fun!  All of the kids had a ball and they laughed and giggled and ran around for 3 hours.  They were pretty tired and slightly cranky by the end, but what fun.

Mommy forgot the camera so we don’t have any pictures of the actual party, but I did manage to snap a few of my little tiger when we got home.  ROAR!

My Little Tiger

Such a Friendly Tiger


He certainly wasn’t a vicious tiger.  He was of the friendly type…. you know… all smiles and laughs and posing for pictures.  He LOVED his face painting!

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I’d like to think that my organization and nagging has finally rubbed off onto Jim.  He decided a few weeks ago to build a desk that would match the desk in our office.  Well, by match, I mean they have the same style.  The new desk will be finished black and the old desk is still waiting for a stripping, sanding and new finish.  I’m not holding my breath.

Back to the new desk….

Jim decided to build a new desk in order to better organize his books and resources.  Plus he has two computers with two monitors and an external keyboard.  And lets not even get into his beloved track ball (which I am not a fan of…LOL!).  Whatever will better organize him is all good in my book.

The desk has turned out great.  The style does perfectly match the desk already there so that is key in my book.  Now it’s just waiting on a finish and I’m hoping that will be done soon.  Ahem!  Hint, hint for my wonderful husband who hopefully is reading this post.

If you want to know the specific joints and materials used, you’ll need to contact the expert at jyahres@comcast.net. I’m not going to pretend to know and/or describe the construction of this piece of furniture.  Although I will say, that he has proven himself to be able to make all the other visions I have in my head for new storage options.  An art center…. a wall unit / entertainment center for the toy room… some bench seating in the living room… a new dog crate… oh wait, we’ve already attempted that last one and it turned into the desk you see above!  I probably shouldn’t go there though because someone (ahem… Jim) will not be happy with me.  Love you hon!

Do you need something custom built for your storage needs?  Need a new desk?  Send Jim an email and he’d be happy to help!  There I go selling his furniture again before it’s even finished.  Remember when I kept selling the under-the-window  toy storage shelves?

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It’s been a busy week around our house.  My cousin Cathy came to Atlanta for a visit so we were on the go most every day.  The boys have loved having her around since she gets right down on the floor and plays with them; builds lego towers and reads to them.  Even Owen (who doesn’t make friendly with anyone) has also taken a liking to her and will climb right into her lap.

Ms. Cathy even pulled a container of bubbles out of her purse one afternoon and started blowing tiny bubbles all over the toy room.  Seriously!  What fun for Ryan and Owen and of course for Ms. Cathy too!

Popping more bubbles!

Owen blowing bubbles

Ms. Cathy & Owen

Bubbles, bubbles & more bubbles!


Owen blowing bubbles

Popping bubbles!

Ryan popping bubbles!

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It’s been ridiculously busy around our household the last few weeks.  I am not sure what all has been keeping us this busy, but I feel like the days are flying by and we haven’t had time to think.  And I even realized yesterday that it was the first day we had taken photos since the new year.  That’s not like us at all.  You all know how much we love to take pictures of these kiddos.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to get organized.  That includes our house (closets, toys, attic, garage, etc) and our finances.  I’m putting everything into Quicken and learning how to use all the features of it.  I think I’m going to like it once it’s all set up and fully functional.  I’ve also been busy again with My Hello Designs the last few weeks.  With the cruise and holidays it slowed down a bit, but has definitely picked back up again which has been great.
Daddy has still been working nonstop and is flat out tired from it all.  One cannot run on such little sleep for this long.  Poor daddy!

The big excitement around the house the last few weeks have been Ryan & Owen’s new Lightning McQueen slippers.  They love them and wear them nonstop.  Ryan always makes sure that mommy & daddy always have their slippers on too.  It’s been cute to see how much they enjoy something so simple like slippers.

Other than that, not much is new around here.  The weather warmed up and has been in the 50’s again.  But now it’s raining.  Go figure.  We’re all ready for some outdoor fun.  Hopefully next weekend.  But for now we are enjoying our afternoon making various dinners for the week; baking Valentine cookies; and cleaning.

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Thank you to everyone for all of your phone calls, emails and text messages to check on us and how the week was continuing.  Even though the week was a rough one (and did continue on that path), we were all in pretty good moods and taking it all as it came.  It just seemed that it was one thing after another after another that kept us on our toes.  But again, things could have been worse and I know that.  We’ve had THOSE weeks.  Remember this one just a few months or so ago and how it continued with this one?

Yes, I am fully aware that this past week could have been worse.

It actually became a little humorous with all the craziness that kept coming up.  After our goose egg to the head incident, I thought it was improving.  But then it snowed in Atlanta on Friday and the city basically shut down.  The entire area was coated in ice and the roads were snow covered (by just a 1/4 of an inch or so), but on top of the ice it made for a bad situation when the city isn’t prepared like Minneapolis, Denver or Superior.

So even though I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts from my northern friends and hearing about the ridiculous amounts of snow they have had; the sub zero temperatures; and the crazy driving conditions, those areas are prepared for that weather.  Roads are plowed and sanded before work hours and everyone owns clothing that will keep them warm in temperatures below zero.

That’s not necessarily the case here in Atlanta.  People were having a hard time getting down the hill outside of our neighborhood because it was completely covered in ice and cars were slipping and sliding all over.  Atlanta folks don’t know how to drive on ice; they don’t need to very often.  While we “own” hats, mittens and scarves, we are not prepared with snowsuits, boots and big, heavy, thick winter jackets.  The temperatures here have been in the teens and 20’s and for Atlanta, that is cold!

I know, I know.  Teens and 20’s sound good to some of you reading this blog post right now, but again, we don’t typically get weather like that so it’s a shock to the system.

So the crazy week continued with all the weather on Friday and daycare being closed.  Yep.  Closed.  So I had to figure out how to occupy two active boys for two different conference calls AND still get my long list of to-do’s done for work that day.  It was a challenge, but one that went better than I could have hoped for.

We’ve had a constant fire in the fireplace for about a week now and I love it.  I finally took down the Christmas decorations this weekend too.  That made me very, VERY sad because I absolutely loved our Christmas tree this year.  I don’t know why I liked it so much more than past years, but I absolutely loved the house this Christmas.  We all did.  Ryan would tell me everyday when I would turn the lights on the tree “Oh, momma.  The Kiss-mis tree is beautiful!” and I would always respond with “Yes, Ryan.  It is.  It is absolutely beautiful.”

I can’t believe we’ve only been back to work for a week after our holiday break.  It really seems more like 3 weeks.  I haven’t even updated on Owen’s last eye appointment which was several weeks ago already.  It’s been determined that he will need eye muscle surgery.  No other options.  I had a great conversation with his eye doctor (that we like!) and surgery will be scheduled at his next appointment.  In case you aren’t up to date on what has been going on the story starts here and continues here and here and here and here.

At this last appointment, Dr. Levine explained how they wanted to build Owen’s case to be absolutely sure that this was the best route to take.  He said they needed for Owen’s eyes to become stable and to be more consistent with each other. He said that he’s doing great in his progress and what they were wanting from the results of this monitor and case building stage.  Of course, great is relevant to the situation because surgery is not a “great” end result, but we will do what is best for Owen and best for his situation.  We have not taken any of this lightly and I have spent many countless days and nights stressed over the whole situation.  Again, we are ever so thankful that his MRI was clear and that his pediatrician gave him a clean bill of health in the neurological area too.  This to me is all far more important than anything else could be.

His next eye appointment will be the first week of February and we will be meeting with his surgeon to discuss the actual surgery including pre and post as well.  We will also be moving forward with scheduling the surgery and from what I’ve been told it’s approximately 4 weeks after this next appointment.  So, it’s looking like it will be late February or early March so please keep our handsome, funny little man in your thoughts and prayers.  He truly is a gift and makes us all laugh and smile with the funny personality he is developing.  He is awesome.

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….although I’ve had worse times too.  Remember this day?  Well today wasn’t as bad as that day, but it’s been building over the last few days.

Daddy has been working nonstop since we got home from vacation.  I won’t get into the details of this because it’s not by choice and neither daddy nor I are enjoying this situation.

But that does set the tone for me being a little more tired and a little more stressed lately.  So me having to go back to work on Monday after more than two weeks off wasn’t something I was looking forward to.  But my vacation had come to an end and we were back into routine.

I drop the boys off and head for my awesome commute to Buckhead.  If you know Atlanta traffic, you’ll understand there is nothing awesome about commuting in this city.  I digress…

I arrive at work and by 11am my cell phone rings.  It’s Woodchase Academy.  If you are a parent with kids in daycare, I’m sure you feel the same way when you realize school is calling.  Great.  Who is sick?  Who got hurt?  What do I need to rearrange in my schedule to be able to go pick up one or both boys?

Nope.  Neither of the boys were sick.  Nope.  Neither was hurt.  Good and good.  So why are you calling?  Oh…. yes.  Our sweet, sweet O-wee as everyone likes to call him bit not one, but TWO kids in his class.  Really?!  It’s not even 11am and he bit TWO kids already?!  He got one in the shoulder and another poor, poor little girl on the cheek.  Ugh.

Tuesday my cell phone rings at 9am.  Are you kidding me?!?!?  But this time it wasn’t Owen biting.  Thank goodness.  Nope, not Owen.  I got a phone call because I forgot to bring diapers and Owen was out of them completely.  I’ll admit they did write it down on Owen’s report sheet on December 17, but we hadn’t been to school for two weeks so I forgot.  And yes, they did write ON his diaper on Monday that it was his last diaper and he was completely out.  I thought that was cute and actually laughed when I went to change him and I noticed the note in sharpee marker.   But if you’re a mom you can understand how easy it is to become distracted and forget all about the diapers in an instance.

So I didn’t bring any in on Tuesday and now I was getting a phone call from school.  From the owner none-the-less.  Momma’s in trouble.

Today appeared to be pretty normal/mellow.  But that changed.  First I receive the phone call from Jim mid afternoon that stated he wouldn’t be home from work (AGAIN!) until late.  That left dinner, baths and night time routine to me alone again.  Awesome.

Then I get to school to pick the boys up and Owen is crying and snuggling with his teacher.  Apparently, he started getting crabby around 4pm and go figure – bit another kid.  Awesome.  He did it and then tried to sneak away from the kid when he started crying.  The teachers knew the two were playing together when the kid started crying so they knew that Owen was the one who bit.  However, by the time they got to the little boy Owen was across the room as if he didn’t do anything.  Nice escape O-wee.  Nice try.  Still busted though.

It got worse when we got to Ryan’s room.  He was so excited to see me and Owen that he ran full speed toward us, tripped on the leg of a table and literally flew into the bookcase.  He smacked his forever on the bookshelf and you could hear how hard he hit it.  His head instantly swelled and turned purple.  It was a vertical line from his eye brow to his hair line about the width of your thumb.  It was huge and he was screaming so hard he could hardly breathe.

After much snuggling, some ice and alot of comforting we were ready to head home.  Seriously, it was about 30 minutes later.  As we were driving home it was swelling more so of course I called the CHoA nurse line.  After answering many questions it was determined that we just needed to watch him for any changes.  The nurse said that if he had to hit his head someplace this is the best place to do so.  But she also said that because there is no place for the blood to drain it will probably look like he was punched in the eyes because the blood that pooled under his skin will move around to be absorbed.  Interesting.

By this point it was almost 6:30pm which is an hour after we normally eat and both kids were crying.  I made instant Mac & Cheese and called it good for dinner.  I seriously didn’t even have time to make “real” Mac & Cheese from the blue box.  Ha!

So after a quick bath and a LONG bedtime routine tonight (I was too tired to argue so I read all 14 books that the boys requested) they are now in bed.  Jim is still not home.  Delta is curled up in front of the fireplace in order to stay warm and I’m ready for bed.

Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow.  No phone calls from Woodchase, no boo-boos and Jim to come home on time.  A girl can dream right?

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