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Call Me Crazy!

I know our cruise is 3 weeks away, but I started to panic today that the next 3 weeks is going to fly by.  And so I started to pack already.  Since we aren’t using our shorts, tshirts, flipflops and swim suits right now, I figured why not pack them?!

Plus I wasn’t sure what sizes we had for each of the boys and if we’d need to purchase anything for the trip.  I didn’t want to wait until the last minute and then I’d really be in a panic.  And as it turns out I do need to make a few purchases for items in the correct size.

I am determined to pack everything into 3 suitcases for this trip.  For one, it’s expensive to check all the bags to/from since the airlines charge for everything now adays.  Plus with two kids, a stroller, a camera bag and a carry on bag with toys to keep the boys occupied on the (short) flight I wasn’t sure how we would manage anything more than 3 suitcases.  Honestly I am not sure how we’ll manage 3 and I was determined to fit it all into 2 suitcases, but Jim convinced me that was just plain unreasonable.  Especially since the last cruise we took we had FOUR suitcases and it was just him and me and no kiddos.  LOL!  I would have fit it all into 2, but with the Christmas stuff I’m bringing, I just couldn’t make it work.  Three is it though.  I refuse to pack anything more than that.

The next three weeks are going to fly.  We have Ryan’s birthday party this coming weekend and our annual neighborhood Santa brunch next weekend.  And then the following Saturday – WE LEAVE!  Bring on the sun, beaches and the “ship boat!”  We cannot wait!


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Oh My Goodness!

So lately Ryan has been saying “Oh my God!” alot.  I’m not sure where this came from because I don’t think Jim nor I say it (I’ve been paying extra attention over the last few days).  But Ryan has picked it up from somewhere and uses this statement a lot lately.

Jim and I always correct him and say “Ryan, we don’t say that.  We say Oh My Goodness! instead.” And then Ryan will repeat and say “Oh my goodness!”

Well now, Ryan definitely knows that he’s not supposed to say that so the conversation now goes like this:

Ryan:  “Oh my goodness!  See daddy!  I no say Oh my God.  I say Oh my goodness.  See, I good.”
Daddy:  “Well Ryan, you said it though.  We don’t even say that just to say we didn’t say it.”
Ryan:  “But I didn’t daddy.  I DIDN’T say oh my God.  I say oh my goodness.  Not oh my God.”

Aaaaahhhh…. reasoning with an almost 3 year old.  It’s so fun.

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….to our cruise ship this year.  That’s right.  In 3 weeks, we are heading for a tropical vacation and will be celebrating Christmas on a “ship boat” as Ryan likes to call it. We’ll see how I do with the whole non-traditional Christmas, but I am most certainly looking forward to this trip.  Aaaaahhhh…. I can’t wait.  I do have plans to bring Christmas with us so that will be a fun little way to celebrate on the “ship boat”.  If you’ve been reading my posts for awhile now you will know I am all about traditions and waking up in our own home on the holidays (like here and here).  This will definitely be different for me this year.  And I have to admit, I couldn’t get away from the traditional Christmas completely so the week we get back from our cruise I am pretending it’s Christmas morning and we’re doing the whole traditional celebration with Santa and a big breakfast and playing with new toys and the whole turkey/ham dinner and everything.

Today we spent the ENTIRE day decorating for Christmas and getting the house ready for the holidays.  We put up the Christmas tree and decorated it.  Well we decorated the middle portion of it anyway.  The tree is 8 feet tall or something crazy so mommy couldn’t reach the top to put decorations up that high and since we have two little mischievous monkeys running around, we couldn’t decorate the bottom portion either.  So the middle of the tree… wow!  It looks awesome!  And yes, it is a fake Christmas tree.  We had real trees for years and I loved it, but then when we moved to Atlanta and went to cut down a tree none of them met my “up north” standards.  They were basically all cedar trees and not your traditional looking pine tree like they have in MN, WI or CO.  So after not liking our newly found “cedar” Christmas tree I bought a super tall fake one after Christmas when it was 70% off and I love it.  It’s our 2nd year with it up and I love it more this year than I did last year.

Christmas Tree

O-wee Putting Jingle Bells On The Tree

Ryan Decorating the Tree

The Sesame Street Gang

How Did This Hat Get On My Head AGAIN?!

More Decorating....

Decorating The Tree

We also had our Thanksgiving Number Four today.  Since every meal we have had so far has not consisted of leftovers, mommy made Thanksgiving four all over again!  We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, fresh cranberries, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie!  It was awesome!!  The boys loved the meal and for some reason they both absolutely love cranberries.  They love the canned cranberry gel stuff and they love the fresh ones too.  Every turkey meal they ask for more, more and more.  It’s strange how much they like it.

But back to my mischievous monkey.  “Trust me Santa…. I’ve been good ALL year!”

I've Been Good.... I Promise!

Silly O-wee

Isn’t it just so cute how much Owen looks up to his big brother.  He mimics everything that Ryan does and just constantly watches him.

Brotherly Love

After the tree went up and was decorated, we put the train around the tree and boy did the boys love it.  Ryan just laid on the floor and watched it go around and around and around.  Of course, daddy decided this cheap, plastic train wasn’t good enough so off to Target he went.  Mommy made him return the train he brought home though 😉  Maybe another year when the boys are older and the risk of it breaking in 10 minutes has decreased.  Not this year though.  Maybe we’ll look again when the after Christmas deals hit.

Really Dad?! A Santa Hat?


Ryan LOVING the Train!


The boys were so good today.  Seriously, they were SOOO good today.  They played together great.  They helped decorate the tree.  They helped empty the dishwasher THREE times today.  They just had a blast all day long with each other.

Only once did we have a little fight.  And it was actually pretty funny.  Ryan was pushing a kitchen chair over to the counter and he bumped into Owen and knocked him over (he didn’t get hurt).  Ryan said “O-wee.  I no mean to.  It an accident.  I no mean to.”  Owen started crying anyway and toddled over to me for love and hugs.  I told Ryan he needed to apologize to Owen even though it was “just an accident”.  Ryan went over to Owen to give him a hug and say he’s sorry and just as soon as Ryan went in for the hug, Owen smacked Ryan’s face straight on.  He didn’t get hurt, but boy did it take him (and ME!) by surprise.  Neither of us were expecting that!  Owen just had this pouty look on his face as if to say, “there.  I got you back.”

Well, I told Owen that he now needed to apologize to Ryan too and Owen said “Nooooo…..Nooooooo……” and was shaking his head no.  So, off Owen went to time-out.  Ryan LOVED that his little bro needed a time out and when I was making Owen sit in time out Ryan said “See O-wee.  You hit and you go time out.  You no say sorry and you have to go time out.  I say sorry and I no have time out.  Sorry O.”

About 30 seconds after we left the room, Owen started crying and when we (me and Ryan) went back in there Owen was very quick to give hugs to both me and Ryan and said “sor” (for sorry).  And then they went back to playing as if nothing happened.  Brothers.

So our house is decorated.  The tree is up.  Our bellies are full and the kids are sleeping.  Delta is exhausted and I am now blogging and enjoying a glass of wine.  Aaaaaahhhhh….. a perfect ending to a perfect day. And really, who wouldn’t love their day when it consisted of snuggles from my little Santa man?!

Loves From Little Santa Man!

Tired, Tired Delta

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For Thanksgiving, we always go to Jim’s dads house in Big Canoe, Georgia.  I love it up there.  It is so peaceful and beautiful.  And filled with good company.  This year was no exception to that.  The entire family made it up there which meant 14 adults and 8 kids ranging in age from 1 year to 12 years.

Megan Sheridan

Josh Hannah, Tyler Sheridan & Colin Hannah

Ryan absolutely loved playing with “Holin and Jamie” who are really known as Colin and Josh to the rest of us.  Ryan has been talking about them nonstop since we left there.  He talks about how he played football with them.  And how he watched a movie with them.  And how he went outside with them.  Seriously, Ryan absolutely loved them.  And they seemed to really enjoy Ryan as well.  They were so good with him and watched out for him so that he didn’t go down the hill or run into the road.

Thanksgiving Football

Daddy & Owen

Lucas & Hudson Brown

Ryan Playing Football

And it certainly wouldn’t have been a Thanksgiving holiday without the annual “kid pic” outside.  This year was just as chaotic and crazy as in the past (remember this?).  However, this year, it was Owen who was the little trouble maker.  He had just woken up from his nap and didn’t get a chance to finish eating his lunch yet when it was announced that it was “picture time!”  So needless to say, Owen wasn’t the happiest camper ever.  He cried and refused to sit.  But after some quick thinking and a little bride of a lollipop, I think we managed to get a decent photo or two.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Overall, what a great, GREAT Thanksgiving Day.  We couldn’t be more thankful for all the family, friends and love we have in our lives.  We truly are blessed.  Thanks Jim & Janice for another wonderful time in Big Canoe!  And the absolutely wonderful meal.  Yum!!

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Ryan invited mommy and daddy to have lunch with him at Woodchase Academy on Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving.  The whole class decorated the room and made special gifts for the parents.  Ms. April did an awesome job and the kids were so excited to have their parents be part of their Thanksgiving lunch.  It’s the only class that has a parents luncheon and what fun it was!  There were 11 kids in class on Wednesday and every single kid had at least one parent present.  Most had both parents and even a sibling or two.

Senior Toddler B Thanksgiving Luncheon

Ryan & Mommy

Ryan & Daddy

The kids went around the room and said what they were thankful for.  Ryan of course was thankful for “O-wee”.  Not mommy or daddy like most of the other kids, but rather “O-wee”.  It was quite alright with me though!  I love how close these two boys are with each other.  They constantly look out for one another and always have to be near each other.  Whenever Ryan gets a snack or drink or toy for himself, he always makes sure he gets one for Owen too.

I am hopeful this closeness and bond they share never changes.  They will have their moments I’m sure, but I hope they remain just as close as they are today!

PS – My Thanksgiving Number 1 was our annual Thanksgiving luncheon at Meeting Expectations!  It was so yummy!

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Ryan did it again.  You may remember about 6 months ago when I wrote about a very similar story (here).  Well, over the last few weeks Ryan hasn’t been quite as tired at nap time and has either been taking a really long time to fall asleep or not sleeping at all.  Well, today was one of those days.  We got home from Ryan’s Thanksgiving luncheon at Woodchase Academy and daddy put him down for a nap.  Only he wasn’t napping. 

Daddy checked on him after about an hour and he was getting into some innocent mischief and Ryan claimed he “didn’t want to nap.  Just play.” so daddy put him back into bed and closed the door.  Well when mommy went in about 30 minutes later the smell of baby vicks filled the air.  Yep, he did it again!  Baby vicks all over everything!  Books, clothes, hair, legs, arms, belly, face and even the rocking chair.

He immediately told me “I naughty.  I no listen.  I put this ALLLLL over.”

Yep, he did.

But, on the bright side, he does have a cold and this lingering smell of baby vicks that is going to last for at least 2-3 days should keep his airways open!

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Best Kid EVER!

Well, I haven’t received the gift yet, but I know it’s coming.  It has to be.  Ryan said so.

Ryan and I read Elmo’s Night Before Christmas tonight before bed.  After reading the book, I asked Ryan a few questions to see what he knew about Santa and Christmas and what he didn’t know.  The conversation went like this:

Mommy:  “Ryan, do you want to go see Santa?”
Ryan:  “YES!” (with a huge smile on his face!)
Mommy:  “Are you going to sit on Santa’s lap and talk to him?” (FYI – he refused to sit on Santa’s lap last year)
Ryan:  “Sure!”
Mommy:  “Are you going to ask Santa to bring you something special for Christmas this year?”
Ryan (thinking for a moment):  “Yes.”
Mommy:  “What are you going to ask him to bring you?”
Ryan:  “A housekeeper with food.”
Mommy:  “AWESOME! You are the best kid EVER!”
Ryan (with the biggest grin you’ve ever seen!): “You awesome too mommy!”

Seriously?!  The almost 3 year old asks for a housekeeper who cooks for Christmas?!  Greatest kid ever! 

I guess I could look at this as mommy isn’t a good housekeeper and doesn’t cook well, but I’m going to look at it as though Ryan sees how tired and exhausted mommy is from doing so much all the time and he wants to give her a break.  Yep – that’s how I’m viewing this Christmas wish because it’s the same wish that mommy is making for Christmas! 

Best kid EVER!

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