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The Floods of Georgia….

It’s been a crazy and raining past few weeks in Georgia. Thank you to all who have been concerned about us and have reached out to make sure we are safe. It’s nice to know that we are in your thoughts and prayers. However, we are some of the fortunate ones here in Atlanta and our home and neighborhood were not affected by what is being called “a 100 year flood”

With all of that being said, there are many areas right around us that were affected. Homes that were flooded to the roofs; roads washed away; cars under water; schools flooded. Jim went out this week and took some photos of the area after it actually stopped raining.


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The spaghetti and Owen probably don’t need much explanation, but I’m guessing you’re wondering about the eye patch. Well, Owen’s left eye is a little weaker than his right so we have to patch one eye per day for one hour and each day we switch which eye we patch in order to make each of them stronger and force him to use the one without the patch.

They aren’t calling it a lazy eye and the doctor actually said he doesn’t really fit any category because both eyes are really strong and healthy, but for some reason the left one doesn’t always keep up with the right. We’ve mainly noticed it when he’s tired.

We have a follow up appointment in the next few weeks to determine next steps so we’ll keep you all posted. In the meantime, enjoy some more photos from our fun spaghetti dinner. Oh, and it was straight from kitchen table to bathtub tonight. Although Ryan wasn’t quite as messy as lil bro was!

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What a great night at the Atlanta Braves Game supporting UMDF. It has been raining for a week straight now with very cloudy, grey, icky skies. Well last night was absolutely gorgeous! Around 3pm the rain stopped, the sun came out and the night was as perfect as we could ever have imagined. And now today, it’s pouring down rain again. Amazing.

The Braves game was a fundraiser and awareness night that Jim organized in support of UMDF and our niece Megan. I have to give the majority of the credit to him on this one since all I really did was some advertising/promotion and the design of the flyers that were handed out to those that attended the game. He really put alot of time and effort into this and even though we didn’t meet our initial goal of how many tickets were sold, we accomplished the goal of raising awareness and bringing much needed funds to help find a cure of mitochondrial disease.

At the game, the kids (and parents!) were able to meet a Brave’s player, take their photo with him and get his autograph. The kids all loved this (with the exception of Grace – LOL!).

We then did a parade around the baseball field and let me tell you – I did not have any idea how HUGE those fields were until we walked around the entire thing with a 25 pound Owen strapped to the front of me in the baby carrier. All the kids enjoyed this and everyone was waving and smiling and having a good time. More great awareness for mito and UMDF with everyone on the field and on the jumbotron.

The Braves really did a great job in putting this together and helping bring the much needed support to a disease that is rarely heard about. The Braves even gave away hats and stickers to everyone that purchased tickets through UMDF.

We stayed for almost half of the game before our little man Owen started to melt down. We give them both alot of credit for making it until after 9pm when their usual bedtime is 7pm. Go boys! And they managed to stay in good moods with no tempter tantrums or crying. Amazing. In addition, Owen was cracking us up on the way home with his silly overtired mood. He was tickling the bottom of his own feet and then laughing and squeeling. It was hilarious. Ryan just snuggled up with his blanket and watched Curious George. This is our new favorite movie – move over Horton, George is in town now!

Anyway, what a great night. And thank you to everyone who purchased tickets and supported this. We raised alot of awareness for mitochondrial disease and UMDF and we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support.

If you weren’t able to make it to the Brave’s game there is another opportunity just around the corner to support UMDF and mitochondrial disease. You can attend Music for Megan and Mito Fest on Saturday, September 26 at Wills Equestrian Park in Alpharetta, GA. It is going to be a great event with a lot of fun activities for the kids. There will be jump houses, face painting, hot air balloon, pony rides and a climbing wall. For the adults there will be a silent auction with a lot of great items! You won’t want to miss the fun! And in the evening there will be fantastic music by Banks & Shane. You can purchase tickets in advance here or at the gate. Regardless how or when you do, I hope we’ll see you there!

Oh, and I have some extra flyers from the event and would love the opportunity to distribute them anywhere possible. These cards are small (approximately 3×5) and have great mitochondrial and UMDF information on them. If you are local to Atlanta I can meet you somewhere to get these to you. If you live outside of Atlanta, I am happy to ship some to you for distribution. A few ideas of places they can be distributed: coworkers & companies; events, meetings, fundraisers or speacial events you’ll be attending; neighborhoods; playgroups; daycares or schools; doctor offices; and restaurants. If you are interested in distributing some flyers, please send an email to jean.yahres@comcast.net with the quantity needed (no request is too big or too small) and the address to send them to or location/time you could meet in Atlanta.

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Piedmont Park…

Last weekend we packed up the kids and headed to Piedmont Park for an afternoon of sliding, swinging and running around. Delta was so-so sad that she wasn’t invited since this is her most favorite place in the world. I felt bad we weren’t bringing her, but it’s just so much work to chase after a 2 1/2 year old, entertaining a 1 year old and then having to keep a busy inquisitive dog who has a lot of energy.

So we were off without Delta (sorry Delta!). What a great afternoon at the park. Ryan spend some time sliding and running around with all the other kids at the park, while Owen hung out on the blanket eating snacks and people watching. He is taking notes so he can start running on his own soon!

After playing at the playground we headed over to the green area to kick our ball and run. Owen even took part in this action and was busy walking around (with help from mommy) trying to keep up with big brother.

If you’ve talked to me in the last few weeks you’ve probably heard me complain about how uber crabby Owen has been. He is still his sweet and snuggly self until he doesn’t get his way and then he screams and throws a temper tantrum and bites. Oh and it hurts!! Both Ryan and I have been sporting around some bruises due to Owen’s new biting habit. Daddy has escaped the bites, but it’s just a matter of time.
I’ve been thinking this ‘stage’ is a combination of being ready to walk and wanting to talk (not knowing how to express himself) and teething. Well just the other day I happen to look in his mouth and the poor little guy is getting not only another front tooth, but a back molar also! Ok, little O-wee, you have every right to be cranky!!

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If you haven’t noticed we LOVE going to the zoo. We go several times a month and definitely get use out of our annual passes.

This particular trip was from a few weeks ago, but since my brand new DELL studio XPS isn’t working properly, it’s been tough to keep up with the blog. Funny that I can manage a full time job, 2 children, a husband, dog, cat and a start up side business, but my computer keyboard goes bad and that is what holds up the new updates. It’s definitely going to be hard to get back into the routine of everything when this computer finally gets fixed or better yet – replaced!
But back to the day at the zoo.
It was another great Saturday morning visiting with the animals. Ryan’s favorite is the flamingos (or as he calls them “MINGOS!”) and I have absolutely no idea why. They just stand there and don’t do anything, but since it’s Ryan’s favorite we also stand there and do nothing for quite some time before we can convince him to move on.
On this Saturday morning, the ostriches were causing trouble and were running really fast (had no idea they were that quick!) and would nudge the giraffes. Then the giraffes would start running to get away from the ostriches. Just as the giraffes would slow down again there would be an ostrich nudging it again. Once the ostriches got bored with the giraffes they moved on to the zebras. It was hilarious to see everyone running around like crazy.

However, this did not entertain Ryan at all and he requested to go back to the MINGOS! Go figure.
We side-tracked him and went to check out the lions, gorillas and chimpanzees instead.
As always, another great trip to the Atlanta zoo!

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We got some great pictures of the boys over the last few weeks and will definitely post them with some blog updates just as soon as my computer gets fixed. Keyboard doesn’t work properly making it extremely difficult to type too much. And the computer is only 2 months old. So frustrated.

But don’t worry, I’ll catch up soon. Because if DELL doesn’t resolve this issue soon, they will find a new Studio XPS laptop with non-working keyboard returned to their doorstep. Or warehouse. Or wherever their returns go to. Two months of tech support calls, live chats, software & hardware replacements is my limit. It’s a brand new computer and wasn’t cheap.

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Barnyard Friends….

I’ve talked about this Little People Barn in this post, but boy has it become a favorite in our house! Both Ryan and Owen love playing with it. They play and play and play with it. And they will actually play together with only a little bit of fighting and biting. Yes, our little man O-wee is a biter. But he really only bites Ryan and mommy which is odd. He has never bitten anyone at school and he never bites daddy, but boy can he take a chunk out of Ryan and mommy.

Owen also now knows several animal sounds. He knows what a cow says, a sheep and a puppy dog. And everytime he responds to one of the questions “O-wee? What does a sheep say?” with “Baaaaa” he then immediately starts clapping wanting us to say “Yah O-wee!”
Such a cutie pie! Sweet, sweet (biting) O-wee!

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