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They are sticky, colorful and exciting! Who doesn’t love them?!

While at the Grant Park Festival on Saturday, one of the tents gave Ryan a little container of bubbles. Ryan was completely ecstatic over this and immediately needed to open it up and start blowing bubbles.
Unfortunately, they were those cheap little containers with teeny tiny little bubble sticks and for a 2 year old, it’s really hard to actually make any bubbles. And since Ryan is one of these 2 year olds who also happens to be going through “I can do it myself momma.” stages, I was fearful that this little game was going to quickly turn into a meltdown. After all it was lunch time and nap time AND the sun was starting to get really, really hot.
But nope. No meltdowns. The very determined little 2 year old just kept blowing and blowing and blowing and when he’d get even a teeny tiny little bubble he would get so excited and scream “Oh yook!!! A bubble! O-wee you see the bubble? I make a bubble for you!” and then he’d go back to blowing more and more and more until yet another teeny tiny bubble.

You have to give the boy credit for being so determined. And when we got home we tried again to make some bubbles. And again, Ryan just sat very patiently trying so hard to blow even just one bubble.

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I set up our big jumphouse in the toyroom! That’s what happens when mommy has a furlough day and is stuck in the house with two kids all day long because it’s too hot to jump outside.
The conversation started like this:
Momma: “Ryan, do you want to jump?”
Ryan: “YES!!! I need to jump, jump, jump momma!”
Momma: “Ok Ryan! Lets clean up the toy room and we’ll set it up in there.”
Ryan: “Oh no momma! You can’t jump, jump, jump in toy room. I need to jump, jump, jump outside.”
Momma: “No, Ryan. I think if we clean up the toy room and move some things, we can fit it in here and jump inside. It’s too hot out.”
Ryan (in a hesitant voice): “Oh-tay momma. I clean up. (in a sing songy voice) Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share.”
While cleaning up the toy room, Ryan still didn’t seem to believe me that we could jump in the house. But when the room was all picked up and the jump house was spread out, we plugged it in and started to inflate it, Ryan jumped up and down exclaiming “Momma! Momma! Yook!! It fits! We jump in toy room! O-wee yook! We jump in toy room. Too hot outside.”

And after about 45 minutes of jumping and laughing and jumping some more we deflated the jump house and decided to rehydrate and have a snack.
Not sure how soon again we’ll set it up in the toy room, but it sure was fun!

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Can you guess which is the monkey in this picture?? Take your time…. I know it’s tough!

PS – More about our zoo adventure coming soon in another post!

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The other day Ryan asked me “Mom? Can I clean?” My response “Um…. of course!”
So Ryan got the mop out and went to town on the house. Daddy shrunk the handle down to “Ryan size” so he could easily maneuvre through the house and Ryan seriously pushed that mop around all day long.

He was so proud of himself and had an absolute blast! And mommy? Well mommy couldn’t have been more thrilled to have clean floors and a 2 1/2 yr old who actually requested (aka demanded) to clean them. And check out how shiny he made them! I love how he had to get down to look and make sure they were “Super shiny momma. Super shiny! Yook!”

And why were the floors so dirty you ask? Well, we have an Owen of course!!!

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Since mommy’s been slacking on the blog lately, Owen thought he would take matters into his own hands and decided to grab Ryan’s Little Tike laptop and update the blog on his own.

Plus he wanted the post to be “all about Owen!”

Go O-wee! Way to take matters into your own hands!

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How fun is this? Go to Wordle and put in a bunch of keyword and see what comes up!

Wordle: Untitled

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I picked Ryan up for school yesterday and he had his first “naughty” daily report card. Most every day the teachers say how great and wonderful he is and what a good listener. Well not yesterday.

When I picked him up Ms. April said he wasn’t a very good listener at circle time and actually sassed back to her when she told him that he had to put a truck away and come get ready for circle time. His actual response was “No. I don’t WANT to. Not right now.”

So mommy had a little talk with Ryan and asked him if he was naughty. And he knew he was “I no yisten to April. I say NO!”

Mommy told Ryan he couldn’t watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that night. Once in awhile I will let him sit and watch an episode while I cook dinner, but since he was naughty there was no Mickey Mouse.

While eating dinner the conversation went like this:

Ryan: “Momma? I need watch Mickey Mouse.”
Mom: “Were you a good listener at school today?”
Ryan: “No. I say no April. I no yisten.”

Mom: “And so we don’t get to watch Mickey Mouse tonight right?”
Ryan: “Yah. No Mickey Mouse.”

Ryan thought for a bit and then continued:

Ryan: “Momma? O-wee good listener. O-wee need watch Mickey Mouse.”
Mom: “Oh really? Owen was a good listener so HE needs to watch Mickey Mouse?”
Ryan (with a huge smile!): “Yes!! O-wee teacher not say O-wee no listen so O-wee need watch Mickey Mouse! Yes! O-wee need Mickey Mouse!”

Mom: “Nice try Ryan.”
Ryan: “Oh.”

Seriously, I have to give the kid credit. How creative was that?!

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