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Does Ryan always talk this much at home too?!

The other night when I went to pick Ryan up in his room at school, one of the teachers very politely said to me “Ummm… Mrs. Yahres?” to which I answered in a slightly panicked voice “Yes?” to which she said “Does Ryan talk this much at home too? He just doesn’t stop talking all day long.” to which I of course answered “YEP! The kid does not stop talking ever.”
And we both laughed.

She said that he talks about everything he is doing; about everything he did the night before; about dropping O-wee off in his room that morning; about what the other kids are all doing. She said that he lays on his little cot and talks himself to sleep at naptime saying “Mo-gan (Morgan) needs to yay (lay) down and go seep.” and “Mac naughty. Mac need go nite-nite.” Ummm… not sure why Mac is naughty since obviously Ryan isn’t sleeping yet either! Or “I yay down and need cose eyes.” or “Ryan seep in big boy bed.” And the list goes on…..

His old teachers told me that after he moved out of their room and they were doing flashcards, they all looked at each other and got a sad look on their face. They all missed Ryan blurting out what was on the card and how it related to him. For instance…. when they got to the flashcard of a bed, Ryan would jump up out of his seat in the most excited voice you could imagine, exclaiming “Big boy bed!! Ryan have a big boy bed!! Ryan a big boy!!! Yah, Ryan have a big boy bed!!”

His old teachers didn’t realize how often of an occurance this was (with other cards as well) until Ryan wasn’t in their class anymore and they missed his little excited outburts!

So yes. I have a chatterbox on my hands that asks questions non-stop. And I’m not kidding either. The kid does not stop asking questions. “What are YOU doing?” and “Momma. What dat?” and “Momma. What O-wee doing?” or “What daddy doing?” or “Where Delta go?” and then repeat, repeat and repeat again. The exact same questions resulting in the exact same answers since the previous round of questions was just asked 10 seconds prior.

But I have to admit. I wouldn’t change any part of Ryan and his million questions. It makes him who he is with such an inquistive little mind. I love him exactly as he is. Even when my answers may be in an annoyed tone because I’m sooooo tired and just answered the same question several times already in the last 2 minutes. Even then, I love him exactly as he is.

I just fear that Owen will be the same way and I’ll have double the questions to be answering. Oh, help me.


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It was 19 years ago today that I lost my dad to cancer. It’s a day that I think about often. People always say that time heals all wounds, but I think heal is a bit of a stretch. There are certain things that can never be healed. And this is one of them.

For some reason, I kept thinking it was the 27th today and kept thinking about how I was dreading tomorrow and having my dad and his cancer battle on my mind all day. Then I talked to my mom at about 5:30pm and realized that today was actually the 28th. Blame it on being a weekend; blame it on me being on vacation; blame it on whatever you want, but I was glad that the majority of the day had come and gone without that extra heavy feeling in my heart.

I remember when I was about 6 years old, I was going to the store with my dad. At the end of the alley there was a huge puddle (I mean huge!) and my mom would always drive extra slow through the puddles so it wouldn’t splash the car. But my dad went through extra fast and the water splashed all over the side of the car! I laughed histerically and he said, “don’t tell mom I did that.” And actually I don’t think I ever did till right now 😉

I also remember how much my dad used to love to fish. He went almost every day and we ate fresh fish several times a week. It was awesome! My dad used to use salmon eggs as bait and would sit in his woodwork shop in the basement and spend hours tying the eggs in nets very delicately and placing them in baby jars for later use. This is all probably more information than you want to read about on a normally kid-orientated blog, but there is a point to the story! I used to hang out with my dad in the basement alot and I know I asked a million questions all the time (like Ryan does to us now!). One night I was commenting on how particularly gross I thought these salmon eggs were and my dad just looked at me and said “honey, one day you will pay alot of money to eat raw fish eggs.” and all I could think was GROSS!! There is no way you could pay ME to eat anything that disgusting. But boy was my dad right. I absolutely love sushi and there isn’t a time that goes by while I’m eating it (and then paying ALOT of money for it) that I don’t think about that conversation with my dad.

Another memory that I’ve mentioned in a previous post is how I used to lay in bed and sing my dad to sleep. And now Ryan does the same for me. Every night that he does it, it brings tears to my eyes. Read more here.

I also remember mentioning that I would like a rocking chair for my dolls and sure enough, I came home from school the next day and my dad had build a custom made doll-sized rocking chair. I absolutely loved that rocking chair. My dad also built me a waterbed (yes, I had a waterbed!!); he built wishing wells of all sizes from tiny ones up to the one we had in our front yard which actually had running water going through it. He built lawn ornaments in whatever shape I’d ask for (smurfs, chipmunks, etc). My dad was an amazing wood worker that I took for granted back then. Now, I realize how talented he truly was and am very lucky that Jim loves to do these things as well and is also very talented.

I remember my dad waking up really early every morning and would be sitting in the kitchen having a cup of coffee (or probably his third already!) when I would could bouncing in to say good morning.

I remember every night waiting for him to come home from work to see if he had brought me anything in his lunchbox. Yes, he had a lunchbox and would buy something from the vending machine now and again and bring it home to me in his lunchbox. My favorite was when he’d bring me those shoestring potatoes.

My dad lived for one year after being diagnosed with cancer. That is a year I don’t think back to often as there are not many happy memories from that year. When you watch someone so strong and brave go through something that takes the life right out of them, it’s not something you want to remember.

These are only a few of the many, many, many great memories I have of my dad. And NO, time doesn’t heal all wounds. It may make things a little easier as time goes on, but this isn’t something that will ever be healed and he most certainly will never be forgotten about.

And not that anyone has been counting, but this is my 100th blog post. I can’t think of anyone more special to remember and talk about on such a milestone post as my dad. I love you.

PS – I don’t have any photos of my dad on this computer, but I am going to dig some up, scan them in and post them soon.

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I will post a video and photos soon, but Owen is officially crawling now. He was doing his own version of crawling and was all over this house with his “army crawl”, but over the last few days has mastered being up on all fours and cruising all over chasing Ryan and taking toys from him.

And everytime he does it, Ryan jumps, claps and shouts “Yah! Yah O-wee!!!!”

Well he doesn’t do this when Owen takes the toy that he’s been playing with. In those moments, Ryan will say “O-wee need go play over dere.” and point across the room. I have a feeling we will have some interesting brotherly posts in the coming months!

He’s now working on pulling himself up and walking along things. Watch out world…. here comes trouble!!!

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At dinner the other night, Ryan decided he wanted a different bowl for everything. I had made pasta for the boys with meatballs, spaghetti sauce and hamburger and Ryan had a seperate bowl for each portion of this meal.

Owen on the other hand didn’t care much and just ate like he always does. Everyone at school always comments on how great of an eater O-wee is. Quite the opposite of our picky little eater named Ryan.

Ryan now likes to feed Owen too. He needs to take care of his lil’ bro and will tell me each night “O-wee need sit near Ryan” and he has to have Owen’s seat pushed right up to his own. Of course he does get upset with Owen if he tries to take food from Ryan or tries to snag Ryan’s juice. Which to that he’ll tell Owen “O-wee, do again and go to time out. So so sad O-wee.”

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No matter how crabby either of the boys are their moods instantly change when they hear the running water of the bathtub! They laugh; they giggle; they splash. They have a blast!

The only time we hear cries, whines and sometimes screams is when they have to get their hair rinsed. Neither mind the water on their head to initially get their hair wet; they tolerate the shampooing; but they hate getting their hair rinsed. And I’m not sure why since both kids willing put their face in the water and don’t have a fear of getting wet.

Daddy decided to get the shower sprayer out on this particular day to rinse their hair. And both boys seemed to enjoy it. Ryan also liked to drink the water from the sprayer!
Not sure how long this new, fun toy will last, but for now we’re enjoying a few less tears during the rinse cycle.

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Delta’s favorite game in the entire world is golfing in the backyard with a little whiffle ball. She freaks out when she sees the bright orange ball and starts running around the house whiny and crying.

I don’t remember how/why we started playing this game with her last summer, but now she is addicted. Every night after I put the boys to bed she meets me at the bottom of the stairs crying and whiny wanting to go out and “golf” in the backyard.

This particular night the whole family went out to enjoy the hot Atlanta weather. Ryan hit a few golf balls for Delta and laughed histerically when he’d swing and miss and Delta would take off running for the ball anyway. Then she’d realize Ryan missed and would come running back to him full speed ahead barking the whole way!

Delta was getting a little frustrated because after only a few hits Ryan decided “I need use lawn mower yike daddy does.” and so off he’d go pushing the lawn mower while Delta would sit and wait extremely impatiently.

Ryan would come back for a few more swings of the golf club and laugh and laugh at Delta. Ryan doesn’t realize how seriously Delta takes this game. It’s all business when she plays “golf” in the backyard.

At one point Ryan decided to switch to baseball (using a tennis ball) and Delta wasn’t real thrilled with this decision.

Daddy even got into the action and hit a few balls for Delta!

Owen just sat on the blanket and laughed at Delta and Ryan. He doesn’t care much for the feel of the grass so he just chills on the blanket and watches everything happening around him.

After several games of golf, baseball and lawn mowing, Delta was tuckered out and decided she needed to chill a bit too…….but not once did she let the ball drop out of her mouth. Because if she had she knew that someone would “golf” the ball again and off she’d go to chase it!

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Ball Popper Time!

Do you have a ball popper? If you do, you already know how addicted kids are to it. It’s loud, balls fly everywhere and it’s fun to put other random toys in it to see if they too will pop out like the balls do.

Ryan went through this stage when he was about a year old and now it’s Owen’s turn. This particular toy started annoying me because it so loud and so it went on toy rotation and was put in the attic for several months (probably closer to a year!). And just recently it surfaced again and Owen is loving it.

This particular day Owen decided to see if he could make a square-ish shaped lego piece fit into the circle opening.

Delta sat back and watched closely and when she thought she had it figured out she came over to help the little guy out.

But that didn’t work either so Owen decided to take a break for a little snack before trying something different.

Owen thinks…. “What do you think of this ball momma? Do you think this ball will fit?”

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