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The other night after reading a few of our favorite books (Bear Snores On; I Love You As Much; Do Like a Duck Does; and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish just to name a few), Ryan and I were just laying in his big boy bed talking about his day.

The conversation went like this:

Momma: “What did you do at school today Ryan?”
Ryan: “I play with Wana.”
Momma: “That’s it? You played with Ms. Tywana?”
Ryan: “Yea, I play with Wana outside.”
Momma: “Did you learn anything today? Did you color or say your ABCs or do flashcards?”
Ryan: “No. I just play with Wana outside.”

Everyday I try to prompt him to tell me what he actually did in school, but this is the same conversation we have night after night. This is the only response he gives when you ask what he did at school. Ms. Tywana is one of his teachers in Toddler B at Sunbrook Academy; Ms. Fawzia is his other teacher. He absolutely loves them both and talks about them all the time. He is moving up to the next classroom in a few weeks and I’m already anticipating a really, really rough few weeks of adjustment.

Back to the other night though. After our “what did you do at school today” conversation, I told Ryan it was time to “snug” and go “nite-nite” and we had to be quiet now. So we lay there for a few minutes and all of a sudden he breaks into song….

“ba ba back sheep have any wool? yes sir three bags full. one for mater. one for dame. one for yittle boy. ba ba back sheep have any wool?”

At first I had to refrain from laughing. It was the sweetest little voice trying to sing me to sleep. He was concentrating very hard to sing “in tune” and raised and lowered the pitch of his voice as he sang. Granted it was all off, but he was trying so hard and was so focused and so serious.

But then my eyes started filling with tears because it made me flash back to when I was a little girl. Before bed, I used to love going in my mom & dad’s room to watch tv since I didn’t have a tv in my bedroom. When it was time to go to sleep my dad would shut off the tv and I would lay there and sing to him until either him or I fell asleep. Sometimes he would sing along and other times it was just me singing, but it is a memory that I hold close to my heart.

On June 28th it will be 19 years since I lost my dad. And there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and miss him with all my heart.

And this little moment with Ryan made my heart melt remembering my own family memories growing up….


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The other night Jim started singing Mahnah Mahnah while getting the kids ready for bed. They sang this over and over and over until I finally went upstairs to find out what was going on. Much to my surprise, daddy, Owen and Ryan were all in the office watching Mahnah Mahnah on YouTube.

Ryan very excitedly exclaimed “momma! I watch Ma-na-ma!” O-wee was just excited to be pulling at every cord he could possibly get to (along with banging on the keyboard, reaching for the mouse and pulling papers down).

After watching it several times, we convinced the boys it was time for bed and Mahnah Mahnah was all done. Or as Ryan would say “no more momma. es it.”

Jim has continued to sing this (ridiculous) song over and over again since then so a few nights later when we were on Skype with Ga-ma and Ga-pa (no Ta-fee), Ryan decided he NEEDED to watch “ma-na-ma”. He started by asking daddy to find man-na-ma. When daddy didn’t listen, he told daddy he needed to watch ma-na-ma. When daddy still didn’t listen, Ryan said he NEEDED ma-na-ma.

Then much to my surprise, Ryan reached for his mouse (he has a mouse that isn’t connected to anything) and said “Ryan find ma-na-ma” and he very busily moved the mouse around and scrolled up and down as he watched the computer screen (as if he was really looking for Mahnah Mahnah).

Daddy finally caved at that point and found it for him. He made the screen small and put it in the corner so we could still Skype with Ga-ma and Ga-pa, but as soon as it started to play Ryan was thrilled. He clapped and got a huge smile and said “Yeah Ryan! I find ma-na-ma! Momma, I find ma-na-ma!!” and then he sat back and stared at the video clip.

Ga-ma and Ga-pa thought it was hilarious how he just sat there with his mouth open staring and watching. This is one techy kid already. He knows that we can find just about any video clip on the computer that he would want to watch and will ask for whatever random thing he has on his mind. When we tell him that it’s not on t.v. right now he will proceed to tell us that it’s “on puter momma. Find on puter.” (puter = computer)

So daily we continue to sing Mahnah Mahnah around our house. And by “we” I actually mean Jim. And when he starts signing it, Ryan wants to watch it. The cycle continues….. Mahnah Mahnah, na na na na, Mahnah Mahnah…..

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Well, perhaps mommy should have paid attention to the huge warning posted on the Bumbo. Don’t place on tables; don’t place on uneven surface, yada, yada, yada.

Daddy has been complaining about the patch of grass by our mailbox. This little patch of grass sits between the sidewalk and the street and is tough to mow because of the very small amount of space to get around the mailbox without going off the curb or into the driveway. So , this Saturday morning mommy, Ryan and Owen decided to dig up that grass and plant some flowers so daddy doesn’t have to mow it.

Ryan was a HUGE helper. Well as huge of a helper as a 2 year old can be anyway. And if any of you have a two year old or know a two year old, you know that they aren’t always as “helpful” as they think they are being. Well today, he was actually being helpful, but after a short period of time helping, he decided he “needed” to go to Home Depot with daddy to run some errands.
Mommy and Owen were left behind to finish digging up the grass, spreading the dirt and planting the flowers. You know, the tough stuff. At 9am it was already extremely hot in Atlanta so both mommy and Owen were sweating. Owen was helping in his little 8 month old way and was busy trying to lift the shovel and move it. It was a little heavy for him though so he decided to try to R—E—A—C—H for the pretty flowers and dirt.

That is where we ran into trouble. Owen was sitting in his Bumbo on the driveway and I did notice that it was at a very, very slight angle, but wanted to keep him in the shade so I left at this very slight angle. That was a mistake because as he was R—E—A—C—H—I—N—G for the flowers and dirt, he toppled right over and of course scraped up the side of his face.
Poor pumpkin. I felt absolutely terrible that he fell over. He didn’t cry hardly at all. I think he was more surprised and scared than he was hurt. He barely hit the ground before I grabbed him, but he did get a scrape to show his battle scar (aka flower planting scar).

I told him he better come up with a cooler story for his friends at school on Monday other than, “I fell out of my Bumbo.”

Everytime Ryan looks at him he comes to tell me in his little concerned voice “momma. O-wee need ban-aid. O-wee NEED ban-aid. Poor O-wee got boo-boo” and he leans over and kisses it.

Again, my poor baby O-wee.

Ryan on the other hand was absolutely thrilled when I told him that he could help water the flowers with the hose. He didn’t quite get the concept that if he turned around with the hose in hand, the hose went with him and sprayed everything in its path. Needless to say we all got a little wet while Ryan watered the flowers. And so did the house, the car, the sidewalk, the lawn chair, the bag of dirt, the wheelbarrow, the shelves, etc.

What me? I got everything wet? No, that was O-wee that did it…..

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With Owen’s last ear infection just before our vacation to Disney World, Dr. Beckford gave us a referral to an ENT. I immediately made his appointment and they were already booking 6 weeks out. We were scheduled to see Dr. Thompsen on May 5 at Scottish Rite. I called the scheduler back several times to see if we could get in sooner and everytime I was told “Sorry, no. We don’t have a cancellation list and there is nothing sooner than that.”

Finally I was begging and pleading and told the scheduler my long sob story of how many ear infections this poor little guy has had and how he is now allergic to Augmentin, the only thing that seemed to work to get rid of them. I was practically in tears and told her how within four days of being off of antibiotics, he would get any one. I believe 4 or 5 days is the longest he has gone without an ear infection. I explained to her that if we have to wait 4 more weeks for the consultation and then another 2-3 weeks for the tubes to be scheduled, we were risking having another 4-6 ear infections.

She again told me that they don’t have a wait list or cancellation list, but that she would personally put a post-it note on her computer and if she received (or noticed) a cancellation, she would immediately call me. I wasn’t sure if she actually would, but it definitely made me feel better.
Much to my surprise we received a phone call 2 business days later! She had a cancellation and we could get in to see Dr. Thompsen in TWO days! We were thrilled and of course took it. There was some schedule re-arranging to do, but it didn’t matter as long as Owen would be seen quicker.

Owen did really well at his appointment even though we had to be in Alpharetta by 8am. If anyone knows Atlanta, they know that Mableton (where we live) to Alpharetta (exit 10 none-the-less) is nowhere near each other. And to have to be there by 8am during rush hour traffic, well that just adds to the fun of the commute. The GPS said it would take 45 minutes and that was without traffic. It ended up not being too bad, but it was still very early in the morning and mommy didn’t have any coffee before she left. Plus daddy was home sick so he wasn’t much help getting everyone ready and out the door earlier than we need to be on a normal workday (which is REALLY early as well).

Owen had to do a hearing test and they put him and mommy in a sound proof room and Owen had to turn his head when he would hear the sound coming from a particular speaker. It was pretty funny to watch him do this. It was even more amusing because there was a little glass window and we could see the lady sitting there doing the test. Owen kept wanting to watch her and didn’t want to pay attention to the sounds. But when he’d hear the sounds, he would quickly turn and look at the speaker and then get a confused look on his face because you could tell he was expecting to see the lady standing there and she wasn’t there. Nobody was there, but a wall. So then he’d quickly look back over at the lady through the window and smile one of his big O-wee smiles as if to say “You got me again. I thought you were going to be over there this time for sure.”

He passed the hearing test except for the very last sound. Mind you, I didn’t even hear it so I don’t worry too much about Owen not hearing it. Plus at that point he could have cared less that the sounds were coming out of the speakers. He was playing with his hands and trying to grab mommy’s hair and was trying to pull his socks off. He wasn’t amused with the lady’s reindeer games anymore. I’m actually pretty sure he heard the sound, he just didn’t care and therefore didn’t look.
The lady wasn’t concerned at all either so I’m not worried. She said he did awesome and that he passed. Good job O-wee.

The doctor was amazed with Owen. He kept saying what a great, mellow, calm, cute and sweet kid he was. He even told me stories about his two girls and how different they were and that their second was mellow just like Owen. The guy was very talkative and chatty. I really liked him. Owen did too until the doctor decided to stick something in his ear to get the wax out. Then the doctor dropped off Owen’s “Fan of List” He liked him even less when he moved to the other ear which of course had developed an infection in.

So again, we’re on antibiotics for 10 days. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Owen is scheduled to have his tubes on May 6 at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Surgery Center at Meridian Mark (or some long name similar to that). We won’t receive our surgery time until the day prior, but the doctor assured me that it would be prior to 9:30am since they schedule according to age and he’s so young.

Please pray that the surgery goes well (the actual procedure is only about 15-20 minutes), but he does have to be put under so there is always a risk. Also pray that the tubes do the trick for him and help with all these ear infections. This won’t stop him from getting them, but it should definitely reduce the quantity of them and will make treating them so much easier. He won’t have to be on so many antibiotics all the time and we won’t have to worry as much about his hearing being impacted by all the infections. And also pray that he won’t develop another ear infection prior to surgery since his current round of antibiotics will be ending 4 days prior to surgery day.

Owen is just such a little trouper! He is such a great kiddo.

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The other day, Owen was very busy eating puffs and every time I looked over at him, the puffs were gone. I couldn’t imagine how he was eating them so quickly, but I kept filling his tray with more puffs to keep him busy while I was making dinner. I would turn my back and he would be giggling and laughing and when I would look the puffs would be gone again.

The culprit…. yep. Delta. Or as we sometimes call her for short “D”. Yep! She was standing right along side Owen gobbling up the puffs as he would grab a handful, hand them over to Delta and laugh like crazy. While all of this was going on, Ryan was busy sitting on the floor in the kitchen with a box of Cheerios ignoring it all. He loves to eat cereal straight from the box. Well, when he’s not busy eating “dinosaurs” that is. I should mention that fruit snacks in our house are more commonly known as “dinosaurs”. Well no sooner did I scold Delta for eating all the puffs, she disappeared. I dumped some more on Owen’s tray and went back to making dinner. Not even a few minutes later, I hear “No Delta. No eat Ryan’s cereal.” Yep, there she was busy trying to eat the cereal as Ryan scooped it out of the box.

This morning mommy made french toast while daddy got the boys up and even though they were as yummy as could be, Ryan didn’t finish his. I had left it sitting on the table and a few short hours later it disappeared. I didn’t think too much about it because I thought maybe Jim or even Ryan had eaten the leftovers on the plate. Nope, no such luck! Delta snagged it off the table and goobled it up.

And a few hours after that, I came into the house after planting flowers and I caught Delta eating the other leftover french toast that hadn’t been thrown out yet. Yep! Again!!

She’s very guilty when she does this and she knows she is in the wrong. Even if you don’t “catch” her in the act, she sees you and runs directly into her crate with her tail between her legs. She knows better, but because the food is so good (in comparison to her dog food!), she is willing to deal with the consequences and she continues to “steal” food off the counter. Naughty dog!

It was quickly determined that where ever there is food…. there is Delta!

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Even though Momma and Ryan had a great time in Wisconsin at Ga-Ma and Ga-Pa’s for Easter, we decided to do Easter again this past weekend with O-wee and Daddy too.

After all, it was Owen’s 1st Easter and he wanted to take part in dying Easter eggs. Daddy started the morning picking up some yummy doughnuts for breakfast and momma got the eggs, bowls of dye and paper towels ready.

Ryan was an old pro at this. He had plenty of practice last weekend and was so excited when he figured out what we were doing again. He had a big smile and exclaimed “Yay! Dye E-ere eggs momma!! O-wee dye E-ere eggs too?”
Owen of course just laughed at this since he truly believes his brother is the funniest thing on Earth.

Ryan examined each egg to determine if they were “ready” to be done. Granted, he would usually say “all done momma.” about 10 seconds after he would DROP them into the bowls. There was nothing “gentle” about the eggs being placed into the bowls and as a matter of fact, most cracked on their way into the dye. Oh well. It makes for a colorful egg salad sandwhich!

Owen followed Ryan’s lead and also examined the eggs. He wanted to spin them to make sure they were completely covered in dye. He wanted to be “thorough” during this process unlike his older brother.
It was a great morning and the boys had a blast. Maybe we’ll do this EVERY Sunday morning!

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I know it’s only Monday, but I’m already looking forward to the weekend! Any fun suggestions of things to do this weekend in Atlanta with a toddler (28 months) and infant (8 months)?

Do you know of any outdoor festivals? Any new exhibits? Any one day road trips you’d suggest? Any fun art projects you’ve come across? Or just any fun things you’ve done lately? Or what about fun things on YOUR to-do list?

Make suggestions in the comment field!!

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