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Our Lucy-kins…

If you know us well, you have heard us whine and complain about Lucy. She is a mischievious little cat that meows ALL the time. She is extremely needy and has to be laying on you every chance she has. She loves to knead you on your legs, arms, back; basically anywhere she can get to you.

She wanted to sleep with us every night. Milo would sleep very still at the foot of the bed. But not Lucy. She needed to be right up at our head and would randomly knead us in the middle of the night. We were not getting any sleep because of this so we decided to lock her out of the bedroom at night. Of course, this wasn’t an option in Lucy’s mind so she would stick her paw under the french doors to our bedroom and shake the door until you would hear “pop!” and the door would open. Of course, Lucy knew she was in trouble so she would run away and come back after we would fall asleep when it was “safe” that she wouldn’t get into trouble.

Most of the time Lucy and Milo got along great and would snuggle together and play with each other. Randomly though Lucy hated Milo and would hiss at him when he was even in the same room as her.

She shed all over, clawed at the rugs and meowed constantly. She really could be annoying and we complained about her all the time. Yet we couldn’t imagine our home without her and her annoying little habits. She was so loving; she loved to snuggle; she’d cuddle with anyone who would allow her to. She was so patient with Ryan when he would carry her all over the house (or actually drag her) as he would say “Momma. U-cee heavy. Ugh. U-cee heavy momma” She would just let him drag her around.

One of Ryan’s favorite things to do was put Lucy in either an umbrella stroller or a laundry basket and push her all over the house. I won’t go as far to say she loved it, but she definitely tolerated it and allowed him to do it. She wouldn’t jump out and instead would sit with her eyes closed (I think fearful he would run into the wall!!).

Lucy loved to sit in our front yard and watch everyone walking by. She would stay there for hours just checking out the neighbors and what they were doing. Rarely did she ever leave the yard; she is very jumpy and fearful of everything (even though she’s extremely friendly!).

Two nights ago she didn’t come in when it was time for bed. We didn’t think much of it since she would stay outside overnight once in awhile. In the past though she would come bolting into the house in the morning when we’d let Delta out. Well on Wednesday morning there was no Lucy bolting in. We searched the yard and still no Lucy. The panic started setting in and we started searching further and further away from the house, but still no Lucy. Several hours later we scoped the entire neighborhood and still no sign of Lucy.

We have posted information on the neighborhood website; we’ve filed a missing claim via HomeAway (she has a chip) and sent out a 25 mile radius search for her via HomeAway. We have sent out emails and talked to neighbors and nobody has seen any sign of her at all. It’s just so strange that she has not been spotted even once. The last she was seen was at 7pm on Tuesday night sitting in our driveway where she always is. Nothing since then.

Ryan asks for her, but is easily distracted at this point when we tell him to go find Milo instead. He doesn’t quite understand that she is gone even though he walked through the neighborhood last night with us shaking a can of treats calling out “Mi-yo”. Yes, I corrected him and told him that we are actually looking for Lucy so could he call out to “U-cee” instead. His response was very point blank and he said “No momma. I give Mi-yo treats. Mi-yo where ARE you?” Again, Lucy is such an easy-going cat that she came to us regardless what she was called (sometimes not so nice names too!). So Ryan continued to walk through the neighborhood calling “Mi-yo! Where ARE you?” Still no Lucy though.

We are hopeful she will return to us. Please say a prayer that she comes home safely and soon! We miss her and all of her crazy quirks and annoying habits. She truly is an awesome cat!!

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Dirty Bananas…

I need to solicit advertisers for our blog. Cleaning advertisers to be precise. Perhaps Johnson & Johnson would be interested. Or maybe an antibacterial company is what we need.

Since our last post the weather in Atlanta has been absolutely beautiful. We are back to the flowers blooming, trees sprouting leaves and the grass turning green. Every day I see more and more daffodils on my drive to/from work and now the tulips are starting to come up as well. The temps have been in the 80’s and it’s been sunny and perfect out.

Last weekend we spent some time at Piedmont Park. The view is so great; you can see the downtown Atlanta skyline.
We put out a blanket and mommy, Owen and Delta chilled while daddy and Ryan kicked the soccer ball and threw the football. Ryan ran and ran and ran and ran until his cheeks were bright red.

Ryan stopped dead in his tracks while chasing the ball. I’m guessing there was a random bug there or something that caught his attention. You have to love a two year old mind!!

After a great morning we took a little walk over to the dog park so Delta could run and run and run and get rid of some of her energy.

I have to admit we’ve been taking full advantage of the spring weather and have been spending time outside every day. We have quite the display of sidewalk chalk art in the driveway. Ryan even did some “art” on himself.

Ryan even has skinned up knees and elbows already which is a true display of his love of the outdoors combined with his need to run “super fast momma, super fast.” As he goes running down our driveway (which has a slight decline) or the sidewalk in the neighborhood. He tends to go a little too fast and being in shorts and t-shirts he hits the concrete and instantly skins up his limbs. Poor kid. I see these becoming permanent scars in the very near future since he just re-skins the scabs already there.

He’s such a tough boy though. And he LOVES to show off his “boo-boos” to everyone he meets. He typically turns to daddy to “fix my boo-boo” and get him all set up with bandaids and such. Although I have discovered that with this “fixing” comes a little confusion as he shows off his boo-boos to everyone on the street. He points to his boo-boo and proudly tells whomever will listen “daddee did it.” I have to then quickly point out that daddy FIXED the boo-boo, not gave him the boo-boo. He tells me this when it happens at school too “Wana did it momma. Wana did it” when in actuality he means that Ms. Tywana FIXED it and again, did not give it to him.

Anyway, back to my need for an advertiser for this blog….

The weather has been nice and we’ve been going to the “side” (aka slide at the neighborhood park) almost every night. The other night we were there and Ryan was eating his afternoon snack, a banana. He dropped it in the wood chips once or twice and before I could get to him to take it away, he would brush it off and take another bite. All I could think is, God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt. I was saying that to make myself feel better.

After quite some time at the park, we decided to walk home and make dinner. On the way Ryan was busy goobling up the second banana mom actually brought for herself and about 2/3 of the way through eating the banana I noticed that it was turning a brownish color because his hands were so dirty from playing in the sand, dirt and wood chips at the park. Gross!!!

I actually found myself shrugging my shoulders and saying, “Oh well. He’s eaten dirtier bananas right out of the wood chips.” That is when I realized that with my very active and inquisitive 2 year old boy, I must always keep antibacterial hand stuff in the stroller for instances such as this. I have a feeling that this will be an occurance we encounter quite often this summer. And I also have a feeling that this wasn’t even the dirtiest of bananas the kid will eat….

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For the past week or so we’ve had beautiful weather. It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s and the trees have buds and some have leaves on them already. I’ve seen a few daffodils here and there so signs of Spring are definitely present here in Atlanta. People have been out mowing lawns and doing yard work. We’ve been out for walks, trips to the park and we haven’t had to wear jackets much these last few days.

Well today it started snowing. It started with a few light flurries and I was all excited. I got Ryan very excited as well. I decided to bundle him up and head outside to see the snow. By the time I found all of our hats and mittens (I had already put them away for the year) it was really coming down hard. It was starting to stick on the ground at this point too.

As soon as we stepped outside Ryan ran into the snow exclaiming “Ryan love snow momma! Ryan love snow!” He ran around the yard screaming in excitement! Mind you, the kid has never seen snow before so he had no idea what it was prior to this moment, but he truly did seem to love it.

I taught him how to make snowballs and throw them (gently). Every time he’d throw one he’d shout in a VERY excited voice “gotcha momma! gotcha!” And he would laugh and laugh when mommy would get him back.

After alot of playing in the snow, we headed into the house to dry off, have some hot chocolate and take a nap. When I handed him his hot cocoa he took a sip and said “yum momma. Ot oco!” We snuggled on the couch for a bit in front of the portable heater to dry off and warm up and then headed up for a much needed nap. All that fresh, snowy air wore Ryan out!

Once he was down in bed, I took Delta out for a bit and we threw snowballs and played in the snow. She also loved it and ran and ran in the backyard. She’d catch the snowballs and run some more. Delta and I even made a snowman! Delta did not like this though and barked and barked when I was rolling each layer. She did not like this new “person” living in our backyard.

It’s truly a winter wonderland out there right now. I know everyone in MN & WI are tired of winter and ready for Spring, for us in Atlanta, it definitely was a fun little change to the Spring we’d been having so far! And once today is over, I’m sure I’ll be ready to be back to warmer weather and flowers and leaves, but for now, we’re enjoying a taste of Minnesota here in Georgia!!

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I noticed that all of our posts lately are about Ryan and hardly anything on poor little O-wee. So this one is ALL about Owen.

Owen had his 6 month check up about a week ago and weighed in at 20.5 pounds. Good grief! He’s already in 12 month clothes and quickly outgrowing them. He got his first tooth on the bottom on Valentines Day (02.14.09) and his second tooth yesterday on Mommy’s birthday (02.28.09).
He is rolling around back and forth and trying so hard to crawl. He “swims” on the floor will sometimes lift all limbs off the ground and balance on his belly. He can push his chest off the ground and kick his legs, but so far no actual crawling movement. He’s getting there though.
He gets this smug little look on his face that is really cute. He looks so proud of himself!

Owen was particularly enjoying bath night the other night and was splashing and laughing like crazy. I think he was overtired and was just giddy with giggles. He played and played and splashed and laughed and thought everything was funny.
He did look a little annoyed though when daddy made him take a splash-break to get his hair washed. He has HUGE blue eyes!

After bathtime, we wrapped him in his little robe and he thought it was hilarious! He was all smiles as we were snuggling and cuddling him.
He is seriously one happy baby!

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