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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our family and friends. We couldn’t be more thankful for each and every one of you in our lives. And while we couldn’t spend Thanksgiving with everyone, we did want to share our day with you…..

We spent the day in Big Canoe, GA with Jim’s side of the family. It was loud; it was chaotic; there were tears; there were kids and adults everywhere… it couldn’t have been more perfect. The food was delicious; the weather was wonderful and having the whole family together was so much fun.

At each holiday when all the grandkids are there, we “attempt” to take a photo of them together. I’m not sure we’ve ever gotten a picture with all the kids looking at the camera let alone all of them smiling. Typically we have at least one in tears (if not a few) and sometimes we don’t even get all of them in the picture. But we try. I have to share several of the photos from today because you can’t really appreciate it unless you can see several of them together and notice missing kids; some tears; kids moving around; some funny faces; some adults in each of the photos. I love it!!

This year we also went for a family walk after dinner. Big Canoe is amazing and Granddad Jim and Grandmom Janice live right off of the hiking trail. Today was the perfect day to take a walk with the warm temps and falling leaves. Well, it wasn’t a perfect day for everyone….

Aunt Kelly was wearing high heels so she ended up walking barefoot (in Chase’s socks) when Chase wasn’t carrying her on his back that is….
Ryan hadn’t napped all day so at the end he just sat down on the trail and refused to go any further.

Owen LOVED it though. We didn’t hear a peep out of him the entire walk. He was as content as could be in his Baby Bjorn.
But nonetheless, we all had a great time. Ryan especially loved walking with dad-dad (Granddad) and Dadd-ee (daddy).

He also stopped and picked up almost every rock and acorn he came across and put them in his pocket. That made for a much longer walk because he couldn’t put the rocks/acorns in his pocket as he walked so he had to stop each time.

And this was the last part of our family hike…. and the hardest part. We took a shortcut through the woods and straight up the hill to Granddad’s house (in the background of the first picture). With Ryan in daddy’s arms and Owen in mom’s…. we were feeling the burn by the time we made it to the top!!

I just love these two photos of Ryan and daddy climbing the hill though. So sweet.

Both boys slept all the way home and are now cozy in their cribs. And Owen would like to tell everyone that he enjoyed his first family holiday in Big Canoe!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope your day was as wonderful and perfect as ours was…..

P.S. – There are more photos from the day if you click on the Yahres Family Photos link in the right margin and view the photos in the 11.08 November 2008 folder. Enjoy!!


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Dear Santa….

Dear Santa, I would like a big truck, matchbox cars, trains and something for my little brother this year. I am almost always a good boy and when I do go to time out I always end it with a “charree” (sorry) and give my mommy and daddy hugs and kisses to prove I won’t do it again. Or at least I will try not to do it again. Or at least I won’t do it again in the next 15 minutes. Well, I’ll try not to anyway. And Santa, I also promise to stop calling you a snowman and start calling you Santa. Love, Ryan
Christmas decorating came a little early this year in the Yahres house. Ryan and Owen were sick over the weekend so we confined ourselves to the house. By Sunday we were bored out of our mind and needed something fun and exciting to do so daddy suggested decorating for Christmas. Yea!! The house looks so pretty with all the lights and decorations. Ryan was a big helper (as always) and really enjoyed putting all the bells on the Christmas tree.

Little O-wee (Owen) hung out in his bouncy seat and santa hat while Mommy & Ryan worked hard. Daddy was the house photographer and videographer. Plus he did the hard part and put the tree together.

Lucy hung out under the tree.

All in all it was a great day and wonderful way to take our minds off of our “sickie” boys. Ryan is at such a fun age this year with all the holidays. But for some reason he really thinks that Santa is a snowman. Granted he also thinks an actual snowman is a snowman, but in his mind, Santa is also a snowman. I’m not sure where that came from since we just started talking about Christmas, but we read Christmas books every day so hopefully he’ll realize soon who Santa actually is. You have to love the mind of a 2 year old! Well, almost 2 year old….

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Look at him…. Such the little man…. Isn’t he just the cutest?!

Lily, who lives just a few houses down from us had her 2nd birthday party the other day and since it was over lunchtime and Ryan was in school, just Owen and I went. He got all dressed up in his party clothes and off we went to celebrate Lily’s 2nd birthday with the neighborhood kids.

He was very intrigued with all of the 2 year olds running around and playing. Before long, our little Owen is going to be mobile and playing with all the kids.

Happy Birthday Lily!!

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Most everyone who knows Ryan, knows that he LOVES books! He has about a gazillion of them and we read them over and over and over again. He wakes up in the morning and the first thing out of his mouth is “books, momma, books.”

We read books in the morning; we read books after school; we read books after dinner; we read books before bed. Books, books, books. It’s a good thing we have a lot of variety because I already have most of them memorized.

Ryan is getting to the age though that we don’t have to read to him; he likes to read to himself. He opens the books and talks (in jibberish of course) and points to the pictures and mimics what he sees (making the animal sounds, etc).

Here he is reading to his little bro…. Owen just sat and listened and watched Ryan read. And I think Ryan really enjoyed being a “big brother” and reading to Owen. Except of course when Owen would topple over on him or would try to grab the book. No, Ryan just liked when Owen sat still and listened.

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I love this time of year! The leaves are changing colors, the weather is turning cooler and it’s time to start building fires. Over the last few years in our house, we have definitely enjoyed the cozy, warm fires and look forward to having one almost every night.

This year daddy had a helper carrying in all the firewood. Ryan worked very hard carrying the firewood with daddy. He was so proud of himself carrying the big, heavy pieces of wood from the van to the garage. He even had the grunts and groans to go along with the “uh, heavy, daddy, uh, heavy.” It was priceless.

Well thank you Ryan and daddy for all of your hard work. We are now enjoying the cozy fires each night!

This one must have been extra heavy because it took both daddy and Ryan to carry it!

Owen has it all figured out…. why work and carry heavy wood if you can just lay around looking cute all day?!

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Ok, so I know that you shouldn’t compare your children against each other, but seriously, there are times you cannot help it. I mean when it comes to Owen at not even 3 months old wearing pjs that Ryan wore at 7 months old, how can you not compare?! Yes, these are 4th of July pjs and yes, I realize that it is November, but I had to prove that it was a pair of pjs Ryan wore at 7 months (he was born in December so in July he was almost 7 months).

Owen at almost 3 months old

Ryan at almost 7 months old (July 2007)

My not so little man has been growing like a weed. He is in 6 months clothes already and will be out of those before you know it. He isn’t really chunky; he’s just big. He’s long and well proportioned; just big. He looks like a 6 month old baby and the strange part is that he acts like a 6 month old baby. He loves to play; he has learned how to jump in his jumperoo; he sits in his bumbo already; he interacts with toys and knows how to make them play music and light up. Truly, you would never guess this little guy to be not even 3 months old yet.

Ryan loves to play with Owen.
In this pic Ryan is having his breakfast next to his little bro.

Owen is very focused and determined to figure this toy out. He loves to sit in his bumbo and kick the bright green feet shapes to make the balls go around and around.

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Mrs. Kate Azevedo….

This post is long overdue, but better late than never. Miss Kate Kerley got married on October 11, 2008 in Denver, CO. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful; the day was perfect. A little chilly, but such a great day. Well chilly is an understatement, but regardless of the weather the day was perfect.

Kate and I go way back to our Trip Director days at BI. We started there at the same time and traveled together over the years. We lived in Minneapolis at the same time and then we both moved to Denver at the same time. We were actually roommates for awhile before I moved in with Jim. We left BI at the same time to pursue other jobs and then ended up coming back to BI around the same time and then again, left around the same time.

Even though many miles, several states and a few time zones are between us now, I still consider Kate to be one of my closest friends and would be lost without her. She has found an absolutely amazing man (Mike) who she now calls her husband. I knew from the first time she mentioned him several years ago that this was a relationship that would last. I mean, just look at them…. they are perfect for each other.

The wedding was in Denver and I was honored that Kate asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. This meant the world to me! The wedding itself was so beautiful and the reception was a blast. It was so great to see all the BI gals and catch up. Some are now married; some have pursued other careers; some are still doing event planning. Everyone is doing great though and it was so fun to see everyone again.

I made the trip to Denver solo. Yes, that’s right. Solo. No kids. It would have been great if Jim could have come with me, but since Owen was only 8 weeks old, he stayed back with the boys and I enjoyed a weekend away in CO. It was a short weekend and a good portion of it was spent traveling to/from, but if you ask Jim, I’m sure it was the longest weekend he’s had in awhile. Being home for 3 days with two boys is more work than one can imagine. We have one VERY active toddler and one newborn who gave his lungs a test. I’m sure Jim was counting down the hours till I would return. I missed all of my boys so much, but it was nice to get away for a weekend and not change any diapers or pack a sippy cup and bottle everytime I walk out the door.

Again, it was a great weekend, a perfect wedding and Kate was a beautiful bride. They make such a wonderful couple; they were meant for one another no doubt.

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